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Consider styling your denim dress with a denim jacket for a funky, quirky take on the Canadian tuxedo. Add knee-high socks and a pair of boots, and you’re good to go.

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Which denim dresses are best?

From the red carpet to the streets, denim dresses are everywhere. Denim is a beloved staple in just about every wardrobe. A denim dress can walk the line between casual and chic, and it can be styled up or down, depending on your accessories and your imagination. There are many different options for people, no matter your preference. 

One excellent denim dress option is Lauren Ralph Lauren Denim Cotton Shift Dress.

What to know before you buy a denim dress


Not every denim dress works for every season. Although denim itself has become so popular and diverse that it can be worn year-round, some styles and denim weights will be better in certain seasons. When considering your denim dress options, think about how you normally like to dress at different times of year.

Denim type

Denim generally comes in different weights, with heavier weights being much thicker and sturdier. These are usually used for workwear and other items that need to hold up to a lot. Lighter denims tend to have some elastic in them to make them more comfortable and stretchy. When looking at denim dresses, you’ll probably also see chambray dresses come up. Although they look similar, denim and chambray are very different. However, if you want a denim look in a lighter material, chambray is a good choice.


Most denim dresses are fastened with buttons. Some styles might use zippers or be pulled over the head. Generally, part of the appeal of a denim dress is the fact that they’re buttoned, since this hearkens back to denim’s early days as workwear.

What to look for in a quality denim dress


Denim dresses can come in any length, but when comparing different options, think about whether length matters to you. If the dress you want is made of a particularly heavy denim, this could affect how you feel about the length. A long dress in a light denim is going to have more movement. Knee-length or shorter is more popular these days, but midi and maxi lengths can look great too. 


As with length, denim dresses have a variety of sleeve options. Some are sleeveless and therefore are well suited either for summer or as a pinafore layered over a shirt in the winter. Others are short- or long-sleeved. If you’re getting a sleeved dress to wear in colder months, be mindful of how well those sleeves will fit into the sleeves of your outerwear. It’s also very easy to wear a sleeveless dress in winter by layering it over a long-sleeve top.


Denim comes in a variety of washes. Darker washes are more versatile and easy to wear to the office or in casual settings. Lighter, faded washes are often read as more casual.


The overall fit of a dress has the biggest impact on how often you wear it. Denim dresses can be fitted or more loose depending on the kind you get. If you choose a more fitted style, check to see if it contains any elastic. As denim can be very restrictive, having a little stretch will make it easier to move in.

How much you can expect to spend on a denim dress

A nice denim dress can cost from about $30-$125.

Denim dress FAQ

How do I care for my dress?

A. You shouldn’t need to wash it after every wear. When you do wash it, be sure to turn it inside out, especially if it’s a darker color. This is very important to prevent fading. Wash it on cool and only put it in the dryer on low heat if it’s too stiff and needs to be softened up a bit. Otherwise, let it hang dry.

Does denim ever go out of style?

A. No. If anything, it seems to become more in style with every decade. Some denim garments may take turns in the spotlight, but in general, denim seems to be here to stay. Don’t worry about chasing every individual trend. 

What’s the best denim dress to buy?

Top denim dress

Lauren Ralph Lauren Denim Cotton Shift Dress

Lauren Ralph Lauren Denim Cotton Shift Dress

What you need to know: This denim dress is chic and versatile and easy to dress up or down.

What you’ll love: Designed in a shift style, this dress by Lauren Ralph Lauren can be worn comfortably as is or accessorized with a belt. With the right styling, it can be worn year-round. It also has pockets.

What you should consider: The straight fit might not appeal to everyone.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

Top denim dress for the money

Luvamia Women's Casual Sleeveless Denim Short Dress

Luvamia Women’s Casual Sleeveless Denim Short Dress

What you need to know: With several colors and styles to choose from, this dress is perfect for casual summer outings.

What you’ll love: Luvamia’s denim dress has a raw hem for the ultimate casual look. The short length and V-neck helps you stay cool in the summer, but it can be layered over a long-sleeve tee and leggings if you want to wear it in winter.

What you should consider: Several wearers noted sizing issues, whether too big or too small based on their usual size.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Anna-Kaci Classic Sleeveless Denim Shirt Dress

Anna-Kaci Classic Sleeveless Denim Shirt Dress

What you need to know: This extra-long sleeveless dress is both versatile and comfortable.

What you’ll love: Meant to fall anywhere from mid-calf to the ankle depending on your height, Anna-Kaci’s denim dress can be styled in lots of different ways. Try a belt and sandals, or wear it open as a sleeveless duster over another outfit. 

What you should consider: It runs a little small in the bust.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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