Best high-waisted yoga shorts


According to Mayo Clinic, doing yoga helps give you more restful sleep, improves digestion and strengthens your immune system.

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Which high-waisted yoga shorts are best?

Finding the perfect high-waisted yoga shorts that will stay flexible and flattering both inside and outside the gym can be challenging. 

The material needs to be squat proof, sweat-wicking and soft. The waist needs to be high enough to flatter your curves, and the fit needs to be compressed enough to hold you in but loose enough to let you breathe. The Spacedye high-waisted yoga shorts by the size-inclusive brand Beyond Yoga exceeds those expectations.

What to know before you buy high-waisted yoga shorts

The perfect fit exists

Whether you’re a size 0 or a size 42, you should be able to strike any pose in your high-waisted yoga shorts without the fear of the waist rolling down, the bottom riding up or the fabric turning transparent. Well-studied manufacturers have addressed these issues by now, and you shouldn’t settle for less. 

High-waisted yoga shorts are for everyone

Stylish, body-positive activewear belongs on all bodies, and high-waisted yoga shorts are no exception. For a brand to be considered size-inclusive, sizes usually need to range from 0-24, but you can also find some incredibly cute styles up to a size 42. 

Size-inclusive brands 

The long-standing Just My Size sports sizes between 16-32. Many iconic brands are now size-inclusive as well. For example, Adidas carries sizes 0-28, and Beyond Yoga boasts sizes between 00-32. Reebok has also released a new line called Core 10, and it delivers sizes between 00-42. Creating more diverse sizing benefits everyone, and brands are catching on.

What to look for in quality high-waisted yoga shorts

Squat proof

When a pair of high-waisted yoga shorts are squat proof, it means you can squat, bend, twist and do pretty much anything in them without the fabric becoming transparent. 

Gusseted crotch

The extra triangle of fabric sewn into the crotch of your high-waisted yoga shorts is called a gusset. It helps prevent the center seam from riding up and creating an embarrassing line down the center of your groin, which most wish to avoid. 

Premium fabric

High-waisted yoga shorts with four-way stretch ensure that the fabric is built to recover from your stretching and twisting. You will also want the fabric to be odor resistant with antimicrobial properties, which minimize odor-causing bacterial growth. Moisture-wicking properties are also helpful to have in yoga shorts because they draw sweat away from your body to the fabric’s surface so you can stay dry. 

Compression and tummy control

One of the best gifts given to all bodies is the high-waisted yoga short with compression features. The high-waist melts away tummy concerns by tightly holding you in. The other parts of the yoga short compress your thighs and hips. 


High-waisted yoga shorts usually come with a small pocket hidden in the waist. However, some manufacturers now add sleek pockets fit for a cellphone on the exterior thighs as well.

Length options

The best pairs of high-waisted yoga shorts come in a variety of lengths. Common length options are 4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches and 10 inches. 

How much you can expect to spend on high-waisted yoga shorts

A pair of flattering high-waisted yoga shorts with quality features can cost between $20-$75. 

High-waisted yoga shorts FAQ

How can you prevent your yoga shorts from riding up in the front? 

A. You can always pick out high-waisted yoga shorts with a gusset built into the crotch. However, if that’s not an option or you need a little more help, you can always add a panty liner to your seamless panties. 

How can I prevent my high-waisted yoga shorts from pilling?

A. Turn them inside out before you wash them. You should also follow the wash instructions on the label, or hand wash them and always lay them out to dry instead of throwing them in the dryer.

What are the best high-waisted yoga shorts? 

Top high-waisted yoga shorts

Beyond Yoga’s Spacedye High-Waisted Yoga Shorts

Beyond Yoga’s Spacedye High-Waisted Yoga Shorts

What you need to know: These high-waisted yoga shorts are buttery soft and built to flatter sizes 0-32.

What you’ll love: The luxe fabric gives you four-way stretch, moisture-wicking and UV 50+ protection. They have a gusseted crotch, compression fit with tummy control, leg pockets, multiple lengths and plenty of color options to pick from. They also have maternity options. 

What you should consider: At $50-$75 each, they’re on the pricey side for yoga shorts.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon, Backcountry and Revolve

Top high-waisted yoga shorts for the money

BALEAF High-Waisted Yoga Shorts

BALEAF High-Waisted Yoga Shorts

What you need to know: These size-inclusive, high-waisted yoga shorts offer an incredible fit without breaking the bank.

What you’ll love: Sizes range from 0-24. These shorts are moisture wicking with four-way stretch, squat proof and available in several length options. They are buttery soft, compressive, designed with pockets on the legs and affordable at $40 or less. 

What you should consider: The sizing might be a little off, so you’ll want to size up if you’re in between sizes. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

ODODOS High-waisted Yoga Shorts

ODODOS High-waisted Yoga Shorts

What you need to know: These incredibly affordable high-rise yoga shorts are flattering on most and come in sizes 0-26.

What you’ll love: They boast side pockets with ample room for your phone, a gusseted crotch and multiple length options (2.5 inches, 5 inches and 9 inches). They’re also squat proof and moisture-wicking with compression and tummy control. 

What you should consider: You should buy a couple of these, because the fabric might begin to pill if you’re always reaching for the same pair.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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