Which brown faux-leather pants are best?

Faux leather is made to imitate leather with the use of various materials that do not involve the hide of a cow. Not to be confused with PU leather, faux leather is created with a polyester base, wax and dye. PU leather is also imitation leather, but it is made with polyurethane; a plastic that has a similar look and feel to leather when manipulated. Both are a great choice if you are interested in avoiding the use of cowhide, but PU leather is not the most eco-friendly item, due to the abundant use of plastic in production. Brown is a color of sophistication and class and when paired with a nice faux-leather finish, it can complete any look. 

If you are searching for versatile, comfortable and stylish brown-faux leather pants, the Lovers and Friends Georgie Pant is tough to beat.


The length at which you purchase your brown faux-leather pants depends on where you will be wearing them and your specific style preference. Brown faux-leather pants can be worn as capris, cropped pants that rise just above the ankle or full-length pants. If you plan to wear the pants outdoors in a colder season, consider full-length, brown faux-leather pants. If you plan to wear the pants outdoors in the summer, consider cropped or capri faux-leather pants. If the occasion is indoor, any style of brown faux-leather pants will work. 


Typically, darker shades of clothing items are worn in the fall and winter and lighter shades are worn in the spring and summer. Brown is more flexible with this rule. While darker brown tops may be more prominent in the colder seasons, there is no rule of thumb as to what shade of brown pants to wear in what season. As long as the brown faux-leather pants contrast the top that you are wearing, it does not matter what shade of brown they are. For example, when wearing a cream-colored shirt, wear camel, tan or chocolate-colored pants rather than beige. If you are going for a tonal look, consider wearing any combination of beige, tan, camel and chocolate clothing. 


Faux leather is sustainable when it is made with a polyester and wax blend. It is not sustainable when it is made from PU leather. The plastic materials used to make PU leather products are synthetic and take years to biodegrade. Micro-plastic pollution is a modern-day threat to our environment. These plastics can end up polluting the ocean and even contribute to microplastics in the air, especially if the product is mass-produced. 

What to look for in quality brown faux-leather pants 


By opting out of genuine leather pants, you are reducing the need for cowhide in the creation of clothing. This ensures that the pants that you are purchasing did not utilize any part of an animal. 


Faux-leather items are naturally comfortable, as the materials used become softer over time. Faux leather is not only more affordable, but it does not trap moisture and crack and warp like genuine leather. When purchasing a pair of brown faux-leather pants, consider reading website reviews to see how they fit and if others who have purchased them have found them to provide comfort. 

How much you can expect to spend on brown faux leather pants 

Brown faux-leather pants will typically cost $40-$200, depending on the brand and the material used. A PU leather pair of pants will cost $40-$70, while a quality pair of faux-leather pants from a popular brand will cost $80-$200. 

Brown faux-leather pants FAQ

How durable is artificial leather? 

A. Faux leather is known to be very durable and last a long time. It is better at withstanding scratches and scrapes in comparison to genuine leather and it does not crack or peel overtime. Because faux leather does not retain moisture, its quality does not change as quickly as genuine leather. 

What is the difference between faux leather and PU leather? 

A. The main difference between faux leather and PU leather is in the material. Though both are similar for the fact that they do not use animal skins to be produced, they are very different. Faux leather is soft and long lasting. It is made with a polyester base, while offering the luxurious look of real leather. Faux fabric is a mixture of polyester with the texture of wax and dye. PU leather, also known as synthetic leather, is made from polyurethane, which is a plastic with a similar feel to leather. This takes a long time to biodegrade and contributes to the microplastic problem that currently pollutes air and waterways. 

What are the best brown faux-leather pants to buy?

Top brown faux-leather pants 

Lovers and Friends Georgie Pant

Lovers and Friends Georgie Pant

What you need to know: These brown faux-leather pants feature a zip fly for added comfort and support. They are made from a polyester-base, faux-leather fabric.

What you’ll love: These pants are soft, do not trap heat and feature a bit of stretch, due to spandex. 

What you should consider: You can’t wash these pants with the rest of your clothing because they require dry-cleaning. 

Where to buy: Sold by Revolve

Top brown faux-leather pants for the money

Inc International Concepts Faux Leather Cropped Pants

Inc International Concepts Faux Leather Cropped Pants

What you need to know: These pants feature a mid-rise, tapered leg design for best use in every season, regardless of the venue. They feature an elastic waistband for comfort and adjustability. 

What you’ll love: These faux-leather pants are soft and feature multiple pockets for extra storage of items on the go and a zipper and button closure for adjustability and support. They are soft and machine-washable. 

What you should consider: These pants are not form-fitting and are not naturally slimming. They are designed to look baggy. 

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

Worth checking out



What you need to know: These pants come in two colors and feature a zip fly and snap-button closure for added adjustability and a slimming effect around the waist. 

What you’ll love: This item features pleated fabric for style and breathability and contains belt loops for a more form-fitting look if desired. The mid-weight fabric is versatile for any season. 

What you should consider: These pants can’t be washed with the rest of your clothing. They require dry-cleaning. 

Where to buy:  Sold by Revolve


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