Which flannel nightgown is best?

Crackling fires, warm and soft pajamas, thick socks, a mug of mulled cider in hand and your favorite music playing quietly in the background as the snowflakes fall outside your window. Flannel nightgowns are the perfect companion to such a snug scene with their laid-back vibe, the ease of movement they allow and the lack of elasticized bands at the waist and ankles, which can feel restrictive.

The Latuza Women’s Plaid Flannel Nightgown will have you relaxing and toasty warm in no time, in sizes that range from small to 3XL and 13 colors to suit your personal style.

What to know before you buy a flannel nightgown

Machine washability

As soft and comfortable as it is, flannel is notorious for shrinking in the wash. Taking the proper steps to care for your flannel nightgown pays off in the long run, as flannel can last and look great for years. Flannel is typically expected to shrink anywhere from one to three sizes in a hot-water wash and will also shrink in the dryer. With a cold-water wash and either laying it flat or hanging your nightgown to air-dry, it should keep its original size, stay soft and not be prone to pilling.

Pattern and style

Flannel nightgowns don’t have to be frumpy or frou frou anymore. They can be stylish and possess all those characteristic mountain-cabin vibes that are totally on-trend in the winter. Modern flannel nightgowns typically don’t possess the dainty frills and doily-looking lace they once did. Nowadays, a flannel nightgown often features various plaid patterns, prints such as colorful florals, interesting necklines that either button or zip, and some have collars or ribbed cuffs.


If you’re selecting flannel pajamas, chances are you’re seeking the most comfortable garment you can find for both lounging and sleeping. While some people love the long, loose flow of a nightgown that can double as a housecoat, others may prefer two-piece sets. Women’s pajamas in two pieces are also available in flannel and plaid flannel for cold winter nights.

What to look for in a quality flannel nightgown


The quality of the flannel you select is important in that it determines the way the nightgown feels and whether it is smooth to the touch as well as its longevity, washability and overall quality. A higher-quality flannel should be 100% cotton, won’t be thin or flimsy, shouldn’t be thready or transparent, and should be lightweight yet thick enough to provide sufficient warmth. 


Flannel nightgowns and sleep shirts are typically available in two lengths: knee length and ankle length. Knee-length nightgowns are breezy, more lightweight and unlikely to get bunched up during sleep. The downside to knee-length nighties is that they won’t keep your legs nearly as warm. Ankle-length nightgowns are extra warm and yuo0 can use them as pullover flannel housecoats.

How much you can expect to spend on a flannel nightgown

Plan to spend $20-$50 on a high-quality and well-made flannel nightgown. Provided you follow the laundering instructions on the tag, flannel nightgowns in this price range should last a long time and stay soft and warm.

Flannel nightgown FAQ

Are flannel nightgowns too warm for southern climates and higher temperatures?

A. It depends on whether you’re a hot sleeper or a cold sleeper, the temperature you keep your house and how heavy your bedding is. Some people love the texture of flannel despite living in warmer climates. If you’re a hot sleeper, you might find flannel nightgowns make you too warm at night but are ideal as a pullover housecoat.

Can you shrink your flannel nightgown intentionally?

A. While some people choose to order a size or two larger than they wear to intentionally shrink them, overall, it’s better to order your true size and wash in cold water. If you order a few sizes up and it doesn’t shrink enough, you’ll be uncomfortable with the fit of your nightgown. If you only order one size up and it shrinks two sizes, you’ll also be uncomfortable. There are no guarantees as to how much or how little your flannel will shrink.

What’s the best flannel nightgown to buy?

Top flannel nightgown

Latuza Women’s Plaid Flannel Nightgown

Latuza Women’s Plaid Flannel Nightgown

What you need to know: This plaid flannel sleep shirt from Latuza is full length and has slits in the sides for ease of movement.

What you’ll love: The wide selection of sizes and prints for this plaid flannel nightgown make it a crowd pleaser.

What you should consider: This nightgown will shrink if washed in hot water or tumble dried.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top flannel nightgown for the money

Casual Nights Women’s Flannel Floral Long-Sleeved Nightgown

Casual Nights Women’s Flannel Floral Long-Sleeved Nightgown

What you need to know: This cottage-vibe floral flannel nightgown has different neckline and collar options available to suit your personal style.

What you’ll love: This lightweight flannel nightgown is warm and breezy at the same time, making it an excellent selection for variable climates. The price point of this flannel nightgown is unbeatable for value.

What you should consider: This nightgown is just below knee-length and won’t keep your legs as warm.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

AmeriMark Women’s Flannel Plaid Long Nightgown

AmeriMark Women’s Flannel Plaid Long Nightgown

What you need to know: This zippered plaid flannel nightgown has a ribbed neck and cuffs for extra warmth and functionality.

What you’ll love: This soft, long, warm flannel nightgown will keep you cozy on the coldest days. Perfect for lounging and lazy mornings, this plaid flannel nightgown even has pockets.

What you should consider: This nightgown has a tendency to shrink in the wash.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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