Best vaccine card protector for travel


Although it may be tempting, do not laminate your vaccination card. Heat lamination could smudge ink and prevent you from being able to add more information to your card later.

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Which vaccine card protector for travel is best?

Now that the COVID-19 vaccines have been available for some time, travel between countries is beginning to become more available to those who are vaccinated. That means a lot can ride on those small, flimsy CDC vaccination cards. Making sure your vaccine cards are protected from liquids and bending is enough to induce anxiety, but these protectors should help to alleviate some of your concerns! If you’re looking for a great value for your next trip, check out our top pick!

What to know before you buy a vaccine card protector for travel

You can think of your vaccine card protector in much the same way you would think of your wallet; you want to make sure it’ll hold its contents securely, be easily stored as well as protect all the goodies inside. Here are a few things to look out for when shopping for a product to keep your vaccination record safe.


The size of your vaccine card can vary based on where it was issued. To be safe, make sure you measure your vaccination record to get the correct dimensions and avoid disappointment. Do not attempt to fold your vaccination record into a protector that doesn’t fit, or cut the card to fit a protector.


Will you be keeping your vaccination record in a purse or pocket or would you rather carry it around your neck on a lanyard? Instead of keeping your vaccination record and protector in your wallet, or would you rather your wallet double as a vaccine protector? Since we are likely going to be carrying these around for a while, make sure you pick the option that is the most comfortable and convenient for you.

What to look for in a quality vaccine card protector for travel

Water resistance

Make sure that your card protector is made of a water resistant material, such as plastic, to protect the card from being damaged by a spilled drink or getting caught in the rain. Extra points go to water resistance if the card protector is also sealable. 


You will want to choose a sturdy material to be the barrier between your vaccine card and the outside world. A clear, flexible plastic, especially one that can be sealed, is a great choice not only for water resistance but also for keeping your vaccine card visible without needing to leave its protector, which will minimize risk for the card being damaged. Sturdier materials, like leather, can also help save the card from being bent if it is stored in a crowded environment.


Generally, unless your vaccine card will be stored in a wallet or another secure location, you might want to make sure that your protector is durable enough to protect your card from bending. Look for a product that has reinforced edges and corners. Generally, you can expect to see these reinforced edges to be made from some kind of thick plastic or leather.

How much you can expect to spend on a vaccine card protector for travel

Vaccine card protectors are highly affordable! Different models can be found ranging between $2-$20.

Vaccine card protector FAQ

Q. Are there any CDC official vaccine card protectors?

A. At this time there are no vaccine card protectors that are made by or technically “approved” by the CDC. 

Q. If I have more than one vaccination card, do I need more than one holder?

A. Unless your vaccination protector has a strong, sturdy back, it is recommended that you use one protector for each card.

What’s the best vaccine card protector for travel to buy?

Top vaccine card protector for travel

Vaccine Card Holder PU Leather Cover 4x3, Vaccination Card Protector with Skin-Friendly Lanyard Vaccination Card Holder Vaccine Card Protector with Soft Silicone Lanyard [2 Packs]

Vaccine Card Holder PU Leather Cover 4×3, Vaccination Card Protector With Lanyard

What you need to know: This is sized to fit a standard CDC vaccination card.

What you’ll love: Keep your records close at hand with this stiff-backed protector that includes a 15.5 inch lanyard. This protector also has slots in the back for a few credit cards or identification cards.

What you should consider: This product is only clear on one side, which could make showing both sides of your card a hassle.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top vaccine card protector for travel for the money

Vaccine Card Protector Waterproof CDC Vaccination Card Holder Clear Vaccine ID Card Sleeves Vinyl Plastic Immunization Cover 4x3 Inches(10 Pack)

Vaccine Card Protector Waterproof CDC Vaccination Card Holder

What you need to know: This 10 pack is great for big families.

What you’ll love: They are also waterproof, offering great protection at an affordable price.

What you should consider: The re-sealable part of this card is reportedly difficult to work correctly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Ciana PU Leather Passport Cover and Card Holder Combo Slim Passport Holder with Card Protector Slot

Ciana PU Leather Passport Cover and Card Holder Combo Slim Passport Holder With Card Protector Slot

What you need to know: This dual vaccine card protector and passport holder is a must-have for international travel.

What you’ll love: Twelve colors are offered, allowing you to pick a protector that matches your style.

What you should consider: Some reviews stated that this protector looks different upon arrival than in pictures.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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