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The first camera to use film was the Kodak. It was made available for sale in 1888.

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Which travel camera cases are best? 

When traveling with your camera, it is important to keep it protected. Travel camera cases are a great way to protect your camera and organize your camera accessories, keeping everything securely in one place. Best of all, a camera travel case provides convenience and peace of mind for those traveling with their cameras.  

If you are looking for a portable, durable travel camera case, the Altura Photo Store Camera Sling Bag is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a travel camera case

Camera type

The type of case that you need depends on the style of camera that you use. DSLR cameras are larger than other camera models and will require a larger bag. Mirrorless cameras are typically lighter and can be stored in travel cases with only one hand strap. 

Before purchasing a travel camera case, make sure that your camera model is compatible with the case and that the dimensions will provide extra room for storing all of the camera accessories you need. 


The best travel camera cases feature multiple padded spaces. This extra storage is important, as there are many different types of fragile camera accessories, such as extra lenses and filters. 

Pockets are a crucial accessory for travel camera cases because it allows items of differing sizes to be packed securely. A good travel case features both interior and exterior pockets.

Some pockets should have zippers for added protection, while others should be mesh for items requiring breathability. 


Before purchasing a travel camera case, consider the different styles and locations of straps on the case. The best camera cases generally come with three different styles of straps: backpack, shoulder and hand straps.

  • Backpack straps: A camera case that features two padded straps on the back can be carried hands-free, and the weight of the items will be comfortably supported by the back and shoulders. It is important for these straps to have padding, especially if the camera is a heavier model. This style of case is handy as the user has their hands free for other things. 
  • Shoulder strap: Another option for a hands-free carrying case is a shoulder strap. Like a backpack case, a shoulder case should have padded straps for comfort. These styles are sometimes referred to as ‘slings.’ 
  • Hand strap: A hand strap or handle is typically featured on most all models of travel camera cases, regardless of other straps that are provided. This is the most common way to hold a camera case, but should not be the only option. This strap should be padded to prevent discomfort, making it easier to carry the item for an extended amount of time. 

What to look for in a quality travel camera case


A quality travel camera case is lightweight and can be carried or packed with ease. If traveling by plane, you may want a compact size that fits in your carry-on bag. A lightweight, compact case is also convenient when carrying the bag for an extended period of time. 


Travel camera cases are usually available in several colors. Some photographers prefer to keep their items in cases of the same color to make them easier to locate. When purchasing a travel camera case, don’t sacrifice quality for color. 

Strap padding

A quality travel camera case should have padded straps to make traveling with the camera easy and comfortable. Straps that are padded prevent the strap from irritating your skin and help alleviate joint pain. 

How much you can expect to spend on a travel camera case

The best travel camera cases are priced anywhere from $14-$500 depending on the materials used, interior and exterior features, and any added features and accessories. 

Travel camera case FAQ

Why should I purchase a waterproof camera case? 

A. Users should make sure that their camera case is waterproof for added protection against water damage. This is especially important if you are unfamiliar with the weather where you are visiting or shooting outdoors. A waterproof case may also be helpful if the case is drenched or dropped into a large amount of water, such as a pool or the ocean.  

What is the most durable material for a camera case? 

A. Ripstop nylon is one of the most popular materials for travel camera cases. It is durable enough to protect your camera, while flexible enough for carrying, packing and storing. It can also be waterproofed. Leather and polycarbonate plastic are also sturdy material options for camera cases. 

What are the best travel camera cases to buy?

Top travel camera case

Altura Photo Store Camera Sling Bag

Altura Photo Store Camera Sling Bag

What you need to know: This camera bag can be worn as a backpack or an over-the-shoulder sling. 

What you’ll love: This item is made with durable material and zippers that will keep your items secure and protected. It features exterior and interior pockets for extra storage of different sized items and the carrying strap is adjustable. It features padded dividers for greater organization of camera supplies and allows them to be stored safely.

What you should consider: Some users said they were not able to fit all their gear in the case. 

Where to buy: Amazon

Top travel camera case for the money

eCostConnection Medium Soft Padded Camera Equipment Bag

eCostConnection Medium Soft Padded Camera Equipment Bag

What you need to know: This camera bag is padded for extra protection and features a softshell for flexibility when traveling. 

What you’ll love: This size and design is compatible with many popular camera brands, and both the interior and exterior feature zippered pockets for extra storage. The inside of this camera case features a padded divider for organization and comes with an adjustable, removable strap. It also features a padded handheld option. 

What you should consider: This bag fits most camera sizes and lenses, but may not leave room for added accessories such as microphones and other popular camera equipment.  

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

MOSISO Camera Backpack

MOSISO Camera Backpack 

What you need to know: This hardshell camera backpack is made from durable material that helps keep your camera and accessories secure and prevents damage. 

What you’ll love: The case comes in many different colors and features backpack straps for a hands-free carrying option. It can also be handheld with the padded top strap. This case is waterproof, shockproof and features multiple interior pockets for added storage and organization. This item is big enough to fit a laptop and is compatible with many different styles and brands of cameras. 

What you should consider: The exterior shell is not as durable as some users thought, and it may be less flexible for storage. 

Where to buy: Amazon


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