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Which stained-glass lampshade is best?

Stained glass is glass colored by the addition of metallic salts and has been around since early civilization. It has been traditionally used in church windows to depict religious scenes artfully in brilliant color. 

The artist Louis Comfort Tiffany popularized stained-glass lamps in the early 20th century. Today, stained-glass lamp manufacturers still base their designs on his art. These lampshades give a quality ambiance to any room. If you are looking for a lamp of this type, try the Westinghouse Square Tiffany Lampshades to give your room an elegant quality.

What to know before you buy a stained-glass lampshade

Of course, lampshades don’t need to be stained glass. However, they offer unparalleled beauty and mood in the world of light shading. What should you consider before purchasing a stained-glass lampshade?   

Tiffany style

Not all stained-glass lampshades utilize the Tiffany style. However, the majority are and should therefore feature specific details. Tiffany-lamp designs often represent the natural world. They can portray trees, flowers, butterflies and other aspects of nature’s beauty in their shape. Geometrically-designed lamps are also a popular Tiffany style and are an excellent alternative.


When buying a stained-glass lampshade, you are likely buying it to replace a broken or old shade. Find the lampshade’s size in the product description and compare it to the measurements of your lamp to avoid disappointment. 


The lampshade size must be relative to the lamp size. Over and under-sized lampshades tend to look a little out of place. By measuring the widest part of the lamp, which is usually the base, and multiplying this by two, you will have a good idea of what your lampshade’s width should be.

Color scheme

Consider the room’s color scheme where the lamp will be situated. Buying a lampshade with a complimentary tone will give the room a classic-style look. On the other hand, contrasting colors will look lively and energetic. Choose a color scheme appropriate to the room and your taste.

What to look for in a quality stained-glass lampshade


Stained-glass lampshades look dim when the power is off. However, they should still be aesthetically pleasing. The colors should be vibrant but balanced enough to generate a mood-creating environment when the light is on.


A stained-glass lampshade should use quality and sturdy glass. A delicate glass should not be present in even the most budget-friendly stained-glass lampshades. Return any glass lampshade you deem flimsy and replace it with a more durable one.

How much you can expect to spend on a stained-glass lampshade

Genuine Tiffany lamps are antiques. You should expect to pay several hundred thousand dollars on one of these. This may be above your price range. Still, reproductions can go as high as $5,000. However, the good news is that faux Tiffany-style lampshades are available for as low as $20. However, they can still reach several hundred dollars.

Stained glass lampshade FAQ

How can I take care of a stained-glass lampshade?

A. Once the lampshade is fitted, there isn’t much to do in taking care of it other than giving it a regular dusting. Ensure stained-glass lampshades are correctly fitted, and the lamp is not too close to a table or desk edge to avoid falling off it if knocked over. A glass lampshade could cause injury if it falls on somebody’s head.

Can I use an LED light bulb with a stained-glass lampshade?

A. Yes, you can, and it is recommended. LED bulbs use less energy by producing much more light in a light-to-heat ratio and have much longer life spans. Heat caps in lampshades can also fail when used with incandescent light bulbs because the heat generated causes them to expand. This can lead to lampshades falling down. LED lights will also ensure that your power bills are lower due to their energy-saving properties. A warm-white LED bulb is best suited to a stained-glass lampshade.

What’s the best stained-glass lampshade to buy?

Top stained-glass lampshade

Westinghouse Square Tiffany Lampshades (Pack of 2)

Westinghouse Square Tiffany Lampshades (Pack of 2)

What you need to know: This two-pack of shades is lightweight and can be used for various shading purposes.

What you’ll love: The dimensions of these lamps are 4.75 by 4.75 by 5.13 inches. The geometrical design offers minimalist colors of black and cream with subtle blues, greens and purples. It will help brighten rooms as a ceiling lampshade but is versatile and can be used with other types of lamps, too.

What you should consider: Many people expect varieties of brilliant colors in a stained-glass product. Therefore, this coloring scheme may not meet everyone’s expectations. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top stained-glass lampshade for the money

Huimeiju- Tiffany Baroque Style Lampshade

Huimeiju: Tiffany Baroque Style Lampshade

What you need to know: This beautiful lampshade is suitable as a fan or chandelier shade.

What you’ll love: The baroque design offers earthy and toned colors for a beautiful contrast when the power is off, and it comes alive in vibrant tones when the bulb is on. Its dimensions are 6.3 by 6.3 by 6.3-inches.

What you should consider: This shade is a little on the heavy side.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Noshy- Tiffany-style Stained-Glass Lampshade

Noshy: Tiffany-style Stained-Glass Lampshade

What you need to know: This handmade and beautifully-colored dragonfly-themed lampshade will tone or energize any room.

What you’ll love: It displays vibrant primary colors and glass beads of various shades. The light’s dimensions measure 11.81 by 11.81 by 7.09 inches and will breathe new life into any tired old lamp.

What you should consider: As it is handmade, it’s at the higher end of the price spectrum for a Tiffany-style lampshade.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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