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Which sparkling water is best?

Many people find drinking plain water boring. Some don’t like the taste of it. Of course, it’s better for you than any other drinkable liquid, but with all the other drink options out there, it’s often hard to choose plain water.

Enter sparkling water. It’s still water with all of its benefits, but it includes either naturally occurring or artificially added carbonation to give it a touch of that soda feeling in the form of bubbles.

The best sparkling water to fizz up your life is Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water. This classic sparkling water is naturally carbonated, plus it isn’t as salty tasting as other sparkling waters can be.

What to know before you buy a sparkling water

Types of sparkling water

The following types of sparkling water are sometimes used interchangeably, but each is different for an important reason.

Natural sparkling water: As the name suggests, natural sparkling water is sourced from springs or underground rivers. It’s occasionally called sparkling mineral water as it picks up trace amounts of minerals during its course through earth.

Sparkling water: This type of water has carbon dioxide infused into it. It is sometimes called seltzer or carbonated water and contains no salt, unlike natural sparkling water.

Club soda: Typically, club soda is used for mixing cocktails. It contains significant amounts of salt as it gets its fizz from a combination of sodium bicarbonate, potassium sulfate and sodium chloride.

Tonic water: Also used for cocktails, tonic water is the only water on this list to have a calorie count. This is because it includes sweeteners such as sugar or high fructose corn syrup.

Cans vs. bottles

Sparkling water is typically sold in aluminum cans or plastic bottles.

Cans: Cans contain carbonation much better than plastic bottles do, but they tend to cost a few cents more per fluid ounce. Cans are better for bulk and long-term buying than bottles for these reasons.

Bottles: Bottled sparkling water is slightly cheaper than canned sparkling water and has the benefit of being resealable if you don’t finish the whole thing. The carbonation gases escape through the plastic much quicker than canned sparkling water, so try to only buy what you need.

What to look for in a quality sparkling water

Sodium content

As mentioned above, some sparkling waters contain a certain amount of salt content, whether natural or artificial. If you need to limit your sodium intake for health reasons or just don’t want to take in the extra salt, make sure to check the sodium content of your prospective sparkling water.


The amount of carbonation is typically indicative of how intense the bubbles are when drunk. Some can barely fizz, while others can actually sting your mouth while you drink. There isn’t a way to measure the carbonation, but checking user reviews can give you an idea.

How much you can expect to spend on sparkling water

Sparkling water is typically priced out as cents per ounce. Cheaper options tend to be around 5 cents per ounce, with high-end sparkling waters costing 10-20 cents per ounce. You can easily find good midrange sparkling waters for 5-10 cents per ounce.

Sparkling water FAQ

Is sparkling water more or less hydrating than regular water?

A. It is exactly the same, as long as it really is sparkling water. Club soda and any other formulas that add sodium compounds (salt) for fizz will be less hydrating due to the salt.

Does sparkling water weaken your teeth and other bones?

A. No. It is slightly acidic so in theory, it can erode your enamel, but you would have to drink a very large amount for that to occur. Sparkling water with added flavors can damage your teeth faster due to the acid-heavy citrus-based additives, but once again, you would have to drink a large amount to cause worry. You can rinse your mouth with plain water after drinking sparkling water if you have any concerns.

What’s the best sparkling water to buy?

Top sparkling water

Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water

Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water

What you need to know: An all-time classic, Perrier is great on its own or mixed with other beverages.

What you’ll love: Perrier is carbonated water from natural springs and isn’t quite as mineral tasting as others.

What you should consider: It can be far too carbonated and bubbly for some tastes.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


Top sparkling water for the money

San Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

San Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

What you need to know: San Pellegrino has been producing consistently high-quality sparkling waters for 100 years.

What you’ll love: If you aren’t a fan of heavily carbonated waters, then the light fizz of San Pellegrino may be perfect for you.

What you should consider: It isn’t as sparkling as some prefer.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


Worth checking out

La Croix Peach Pear Sparkling Water

La Croix Peach Pear Sparkling Water

What you need to know: A more unique flavor of La Croix, this sparkling water sets itself apart from the rest of La Croix’s offerings.

What you’ll love: This peach-heavy drink has a nice aroma upon opening the can.

What you should consider: As is typical of La Croix, some either love or strongly dislike this flavor.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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