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Which RV sewer hose extension is best?

The ability to travel around the country with your home on your back is an incredible gift. Just like stationary homes, it doesn’t come without effort and upkeep. One of the least enjoyable tasks is emptying your toilet tank at designated spots. Making matters worse, sometimes you can’t reach those designated spots with your standard sewer hose.

In these cases, you’ll wish you had the Lippert Waste Master Extension Hose Kit For RV Sewer System. It’s expensive, but you can’t beat its quality.

What to know before you buy an RV sewer hose extension

How frequently will you use it?

Some people live in their RV year-round. Others take it on an extended vacation once or twice a year. RVs are expensive enough as it is, so save some money by buying an RV sewer hose extension with a price tag that fits your expected usage. For example, if you travel once a year, you don’t need a top-dollar, max-durability hose, just something that gets the job done.


Most RV sewer hoses contract when not in use to save storage space. Some hoses will attempt the contract on their own at all times. These will put undue pressure on the couplings and lead to broken hoses and disgusting messes. So, you’ll want to purchase a hose that expands and shrinks manually. Better hoses will usually be able to constrict further than lesser hoses.


There’s no way of knowing what situation you’ll find at your RV campground until you get there. You’ll want to have a hose that’s flexible enough to bend and twist around obstacles with just enough rigidity to remain durable. Highly rigid hoses may last longer, but it’s only a matter of time before you find yourself in a situation that your unbending hose can’t handle.

What to look for in a quality RV sewer hose extension


The best RV sewer hose extensions have the smoothest interiors. This allows the waste to flow smoothly and prevents, or at least limits, clogs. Smooth interiors are also less likely to hold onto small amounts of waste that can leak out in storage.


There are many elements to an RV sewer hose extension’s durability, but crush and UV resistance are two of the most important.

  • Crush-resistance: If something lays on the ground, inevitably, someone or something will eventually step on it. Better hoses have enough strength to hold their shape and prevent flattening or breaks from a few accidents. All will eventually succumb, though.
  • UV-resistance: PRV sewer hose extensions tend to become weaker the longer it remains in direct contact with the sun. Hoses with UV resistance will last far longer than a hose without UV resistance.

How much you can expect to spend on an RV sewer hose extension

RV sewer hose extensions can cost as little as $10, which is perfect if you rarely use your RV. Most extensions cost $25-$50. The best extensions can easily exceed $100, a tier reserved for constant RV travelers.

RV sewer hose extension FAQ

How often do I need to empty the waste tank?

A. That depends on many factors, such as the size of your RV’s waste tank, the number of people traveling in the RV and how often each person uses the onboard bathroom. Some RVs have metered tanks, so you can be informed of exactly how full your tank is. In these cases, you’ll want to empty the tank once it hits two-thirds full to be safe. If you don’t have a metered tank, dumping once you arrive or before you leave your RV campground is a good policy.

Do I really need to cap my waste hoses when not in use?

A. Yes. No matter how thoroughly you flush a used hose with clean water, there’s no way to be sure there isn’t still a little something nasty hiding in an interior crevice. Capping your hoses before storing them is the best way to prevent any nasty spills or seepage from ruining your storage compartments.

What’s the best RV sewer hose extension to buy?

Top RV sewer hose extension

Lippert Waste Master Extension Hose Kit for RV Sewer System

Lippert Waste Master Extension Hose Kit for RV Sewer System

What you need to know: This is among the highest quality kits you can find.

What you’ll love: It adds up to 20 feet to your main sewer hose. It is highly resistant to most weather conditions and has high UV resistance. The interior is smooth enough to prevent clogs and to limit waste being left inside after dumping.

What you should consider: It’s among the priciest options. Some consumers had issues with the glue connections being improperly connected or totally lacking in glue, leading to leaks.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top RV sewer hose extension for the money

Camco RhinoFLEX Heavy Duty 10-Foot RV Sewer Hose Extension Kit

Camco RhinoFLEX Heavy Duty 10-Foot RV Sewer Hose Extension Kit

What you need to know: This budget pick is excellent for infrequent travelers.

What you’ll love: It uses a swiveling bayonet design to lock the connectors into place, and the locking rings are reusable. It can contract to over 3 feet long when not in use, and it’s made of steel wire-reinforced polyolefin for durability.

What you should consider: The 10-foot size isn’t enough for some situations. Some consumers had issues with the connections suddenly separating during a dump.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Worth checking out

Valterra EZ Coupler RV Sewer Hose Kit

Valterra EZ Coupler RV Sewer Hose Kit

What you need to know: This is a great midrange pick.

What you’ll love: The kit includes a universal sewer adapter that’s transparent so you can monitor the draining process, rotating fittings and two 10-foot collapsible hoses that can add up to 20 feet to your main sewer hose. When collapsed, the hoses measure just over 2 feet long.

What you should consider: Some consumers had issues not reaching its listed maximum of 20 feet. It has fewer connectors and thus a higher chance of failure.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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