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Ripped jeans that show a lot of skin are popularly known as destroyed denim.

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Which ripped mom jeans are best? 

Ripped jeans became popular during the punk-rock movement of the ‘70s and have since thrived as a recurring fashion trend through each following decade. No ripped style is the same for the reason that each ripped design can be so different. For example, you could have the same pair of jeans side by side but rip them another way, and the jeans could look like two entirely different pairs. The style of rip also determines where you will wear the jeans and in what season. The multiple variations of this item make it versatile and unique. When purchasing a pair of ripped mom jeans, consider where you will be wearing them, the style of the rip, and the color. 

What are mom jeans? 

Made famous in the late ‘80s, mom-cut jeans feature a high waist and long zipper. Most styles are baggy around the bottom half of the leg, accentuating hourglass figures and making those who wear them look taller. They come in many colors and styles, but all have the same silhouette and waitlist slimming effect in common. 

What to know before you buy mom jeans 


Black: Black ripped mom jeans allow buyers to create an edgy look. This style of ripped mom jeans looks best with a casual light-colored tee and a leather jacket and boots for a night out. Since black goes with every color, it is not hard to find shirts, shoes and accessories to match this look. 

Mid Wash: A mid-wash color is more laid back and effortless by default due to it being a classic choice of comfort and style. This color of ripped mom jeans can easily be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion. This is a staple item that you can wear during every season depending on the ripped style, and you can pair them with bold prints and brightly colored statement pieces. 

Light Wash: Light-wash ripped mom jeans are vintage by nature, and you can wear them for various occasions, though the most popular look includes a white tee and oversized blazer. If the rip is small enough, this fit is perfect for going to a business meeting if the rip is small enough. You can also quickly alter it for a night out by adding sneakers and some jewelry. Another option is to pair these jeans with a sweater tucked in to give it an ‘80s aesthetic in the winter months. Some ripped jeans will not be worn in the winter, depending on how ripped they are. 

Acid Wash: Acid wash ripped mom jeans provide a similar edgy feel to black colored mom jeans, but you can’t pair them with as many outfits. This jean color features light splashes across the denim and can turn any plain outfit into something more trendy. Acid wash became popular in the ‘90s and is typically featured with a band tee and sneakers, depending on the length of the specific pair of pants. To dress up the outfit, wear a pair of heels and a solid colored shirt to make the jeans stand out. Acid wash jeans can come in various colors. 

Rip style 

Ripped jeans can have multiple large rips, small shreds or a mixture of both. Different variations of rips in jeans can express different styles, help you to decided what season you wear them and also where you will wear them. For example, you will not wear excessively ripped jeans and expose a lot of skin in the wintertime, but you may wear jeans with small holes and shreds. You may be more likely to wear less ripped jeans to a formal event designed with only a few shreds versus those with large holes. 


Though ripped is typically associated with a casual event, they can be dressed up or dressed down to fit any event. The occasion you’ll be wearing your mom jeans will determine the color, length and style. Ripped mom jeans are a versatile item, meaning they can almost always be dressed up or dressed down with accessories to fit any occasion, depending on the size and style of the rip. If you plan to wear mom jeans to a business event, consider styling with a plain colored shirt, blazer, heels and simple layered jewelry to match the shirt’s neckline. If you plan to style the jeans for a night out, consider a bold patterned top of any length and comfortable shoes.

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How much you can expect to spend on ripped mom jeans

Depending on the style and purchased brands, ripped mom jeans can range anywhere from $60-$200. More expensive fits may feature sustainably sourced, long-lasting materials, while cheaper fits, if not thrifted, may not last as long. 

Tips for buying mom jeans

  • If you are going to a formal event, choose ripped jeans with small shreds instead of large holes and dress them up with a blazer and heels. 
  • Denim is a versatile article of clothing. Consider pairing it with multiple styles to create many different looks. 
  • When purchasing the jeans, check the product description and reviews to see if you need to size up or size down to buy the most comfortable size that will fit you. 
  • Make sure the product is machine washable before throwing it in the washing machine. This could ruin the ripped style all together, and rip the jeans even more. 

Mom jean FAQ

What is the difference between distressed and destroyed ripped mom jeans? 

A. Jeans that are distressed look worn with small rips or patches of shredding in the clothing. Destroyed jeans have larger holes and more rips rather than shreds throughout the jeans. 

Why are they called mom jeans? 

A. Mom jeans have existed for decades, but their name and style became infamous in 2003 from a fictional ad on “Saturday Night Live” that depicted four women wearing baggy jeans with the assumption that middle-aged women wore them as an alternative to thigh-hugging skinny jeans. They are still referred to as mom jeans due to their relaxed fit. 

Best light-wash ripped mom jeans 

Dr. Denim Nora Jean

Dr. Denim Nora Jean

These jeans use 100% cotton, meaning that they are very breathable. They are machine washable for convenience and have a zip fly button closure for added adjustability. They include five pockets for abundant storage and light-fading whiskering detail. They are not very stretchy.

Sold by Revolve

SNDYS Kaya Jean 

SNDYS Kaya Jean 

These light-fading ripped jeans are very lightweight in feel, contain a button fly closure for adjustability and five pockets for added storage. The pockets are sleek and do not make the design of the jean bulky. The jeans are subtly distressed and do not have large holes. 

Sold by Revolve

Best black ripped mom jeans

Women's Premium 724 High Rise Straight Crop Jeans

Women’s Premium 724 High Rise Straight Crop Jeans

Aside from being designed by one of the most popular, trusted denim brands in history, these jeans are very stretchy and adjustable. They are not machine washable and will retain their color and style best with a cold wash. They feature stylish cigarette frayed bottoms, perfectly paired with any size and style of boots. 

Sold by Amazon

Juniors SO High Rise Distressed Mom Jean

Juniors SO High Rise Distressed Mom Jean

These jeans feature a traditional five-pocket design and cut-off hem. The destructed hem of the jeans makes the jeans look worn and provide added stretch and adjustability. The jeans are frayed on the ends and are only mildly distressed on the knees. 

Sold by Kohl’s

Best mid-wash ripped mom jeans

AGOLDE 90’s Pinch Waist Jeans 

AGOLDE 90’s Pinch Waist Jeans 

These jeans are lightly faded and feature a five-pocket design. They are made with breathable cotton and have a large rip in the left knee. This rip is large enough to be considered destroyed vs. distressed as the fabric is entirely cut along the hem exposing a large amount of skin. 

Sold by Revolve

Tinseltown Juniors Ripped Mom Jeans 

Tinseltown Juniors Ripped Mom Jeans 

These jeans are made with cotton and spandex, making them both breathable and stretchy for added comfort. They are shredded throughout the pants to mimic a worn look and have a button closure for added adjustability. These jeans are not machine washable. 

Sold by Macy’s

Best acid-wash ripped mom jeans

Superdown Patty Distressed Jean in Denim

Superdown Patty Distressed Jean in Denim

These jeans are distressed with shreds all up and down the pants and cannot be machine washed due to possible fraying. The jeans have five pockets for added storage and a lining with polyester for a lightweight feel. These jeans may not provide enough warmth for outside events in the winter months. 

Sold by Revolve

Retrofete Chris Jeans

Retrofete Chris Jeans

These jeans come in a unique acid wash pink color and are machine washable for convenience. They are distressed at the knees, contain five pockets and come in dirty blue as well as pink. They are expensive and you can wear them at casual and outdoor events due to their durably lined fabric. 

Sold by Revolve

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