Which rain boots for women are best?

Next time you venture out in wet weather, make sure you’re wearing a pair of rain boots. With their waterproof or water-resistant designs, they can keep your feet dry and protected, no matter how long the downpour lasts. 

Besides keeping you dry, rain boots are stylish wardrobe essentials that you can wear with just about any shell, from raincoats to bomber jackets. Sperry Women’s Saltwater Quilted Duck Booties feature a utilitarian design with a wealth of practical features.  

What to know before you buy rain boots for women

How do rain boots work?

Rain boots for women are designed for wet weather wear, which isn’t the case for most other footwear. Running shoes, for example, get saturated when they’re worn in the rain because their materials absorb water and moisture. Leather and suede boots may get permanent water stains, even after they’ve been sprayed with water-repellent treatment. 

Rain boots are either waterproof or water-repellent, meaning they cause water to bead off the surface instead of penetrating it. Besides keeping feet and socks dry, most rain boots have traction outsoles to enhance grip on slippery ground for safer walking. 

How to wear rain boots

Rain boots should be worn with thick socks, and the thicker, the better. Most rain boots are lightweight styles that don’t have much insole cushioning, if any. 

The lack of cushioning often results in the overall lack of insulation, and thick socks are the only way to keep your feet warm in most styles. Some individuals prefer wool socks because of their superior warmth, wick-away and odor-trapping properties and their plush designs. Others are partial to thick athletic socks with extra-cushioned bottoms. 

What to look for in quality rain boots for women


Generally speaking, top-quality rain boots for women are made with rubber. Inexpensive styles, however, are made with plastic and vinyl. Rubber is heavier and more durable, yet it tends to weigh boots down. Plastic and vinyl are lightweight alternatives, but they have notably shorter lifespans than rubber styles.

Fashion rubber boots may have nylon, polyester or faux leather shafts. Many of these styles are lined with warm materials, including flannel, faux shearling or fleece. While they have great curb appeal, few rain boots in this category offer as much protection as rugged rubber styles. 

Traction outsole

Rain boots for women have rubber traction outsoles to improve their grip on slippery ground. The outsoles feature intricate tread and groove patterns that create friction on slick surfaces, which in turn helps stabilize the foot. However, because treads have tiny spaces between them, you’ll need to clean the outsoles regularly to remove mud, rocks and other debris. 


With the exception of a few brands, such as Sperry and JBU, most rain boots for women are only available in whole sizes. Wearers usually size up to the next full size to find the ideal fit. There are some people that feel that even a half size up is entirely too large, so they either need to make the boot fit with insoles and thick socks or they need to find a better-fitting style.

How much you can expect to spend on rain boots for women

Lightweight rain boots start at $25-$40, but if you’re looking for a more durable pair, be prepared to spend $50-$80 for lined styles. Designer rain boots, many of which offer superior protection or have unique details, range from $100-$250.

Rain boots for women FAQ

Do rain boots for women have heels?

A. It’s common for rain boots for women to have up to a 1-inch heel. The extra lift, coupled with a platform outsole, makes it easy to traverse wet, soggy ground and puddles. There are a few fashion styles with higher heels; however, they’re somewhat less stable on slick surfaces.

How do I dry rain boots?

A. The easiest way to dry rain boots is to leave them in a cool, dry area, such as a garage or covered porch. If you need to bring the boots indoors, put them on a boot tray to catch draining water and prevent dirty outsoles from soiling the carpet. 

What are the best rain boots for women to buy?

Top rain boots for women

Sperry Women’s Saltwater Quilted Duck Booties

Sperry Women’s Saltwater Quilted Duck Booties

What you need to know: A rugged style, these rain boots offer more protection and convenient features than classic lightweight designs. 

What you’ll love: The warm style is lined with micro-fleece and has a quilted shaft. It has Sperry’s signature traction outsole that offers superior grip on slippery surfaces. The boot has a hidden side zipper for easy off and on. 

What you should consider: Because it has a plush lining, these boots may cause feet to sweat. 

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

Top rain boots for women for the money

Sloggers Waterproof Comfort Rain Boot

Sloggers Waterproof Comfort Rain Boot

What you need to know: If you’re looking for a classic rain boot, this style has a signature glossy finish and comes in several fun designs. 

What you’ll love: These boots are made with recycled materials, making them an eco-friendly option. The style features a low heel that adds the right amount of height to trek over wet ground. They’re fitted with comfort insoles to minimize shock and fatigue. 

What you should consider: They’re only available in whole sizes, and those with slender feet had difficulty finding the right fit. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Charter Club Trudyy Rain Boots

Charter Club Trudyy Rain Boots

What you need to know: Stylish yet practical, these block-heel rain boots are suitable for both casual and wet weather wear. 

What you’ll love: These boots have a modern feel with a chic mixed-materials design. The pull-on style has a convenient heel tab so you can wiggle feet to get the right fit. Although they’re only available in whole sizes, it’s easy to size up for an ideal fit. 

What you should consider: A couple wearers stated the boot was a bit heavier than they expected. 

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s


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