Which military sleeping bag is best?

Whether it’s hiking, camping or hunting, if you plan on getting some rest while staying warm during colder months, a military sleeping bag will keep you toasty. Military sleeping bags are intended to be durable, versatile and most importantly, warm. They vary in their materials, shapes and temperature ratings, so finding the right one for you depends on different factors. If it’s a cost-effective option for subzero temperatures you’re looking for, the U.S. Military Modular Sleep System is the top option. 

What to know before you buy a military sleeping bag


Think about the activity you’ll be doing that requires a sleeping bag, whether it’s camping or backpacking. There’s no sense in lugging a weighted sleeping bag designed to handle sub-zero temperatures if you’re only using it on slightly chilly or warm nights. Consider the environments you plan on using it in the most before deciding on a purchase to ensure the maximum amount of use.

Weather conditions

Mountains, deserts and beaches are all unique environments with their own weather conditions. Some military bags are constructed of water-resistant materials to keep out moisture and make rainy nights manageable. Consider which weather conditions you will likely encounter.


Weight and size affect how you transport and store a military sleeping bag. Usually, space is very limited when backpacking or camping. If the military sleeping bag is designed to handle sub-zero temperatures it typically is heavier and bulkier. A more versatile military sleeping bag typically is lighter and more portable.

What to look for in a quality military sleeping bag


Polyester, cotton and nylon are common materials used to construct military sleeping bags. They are designed to be durable while trapping one’s body heat for a warm night’s sleep. If you intend on sleeping in extreme conditions such as on a snowy mountaintop or in sub-zero temperatures, consider down filling.


Your military sleeping bag should be a snug fit to limit any air pockets that let precious heat escape or cold air to get in. Factor in your body type to achieve a proper fit. The mummy shape is a popular design because it’s cone shape becomes tighter around the legs and feet.

Temperature rating 

Arguably the most important feature to look for when purchasing a military sleeping bag is it’s temperature rating. This tells you the lowest temperature the sleeping bag is designed to handle that will keep you warm. They are usually listed in the product descriptions.

How much you can expect to spend on a military sleeping bag

Price typically depends on the materials it’s made from and its temperature rating. Most often, military sleeping bags range in price from $149.99-$365.

Military sleeping bag FAQ

Can a military sleeping bag be used in hot weather?

A. Some of them are designed to be versatile but that sacrifices their effectiveness in lower temperatures. Others have multiple components you can zip together to form layers and increase warmth.

Do military sleeping bags have to be camouflage?

A. Not always. Most often, they come in green or black.

What’s the best military sleeping bag to buy?

Top military sleeping bag

U.S. Military Modular Sleep System

U.S. Military Modular Sleep System

What you need to know: This sleeping bag has down filling and is the best option for sub-zero temperatures for those who plan on staying overnight in extremely cold conditions.

What you’ll love: With a temperature rating of -10 degrees Fahrenheit, this military sleeping has the mummy shape to limit any air pockets. It’s exterior material is made from durable nylon.

What you should consider: It is not equipped with a carrying case and is not very versatile when it comes to warmer temperatures.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top military sleeping bag for the money

MT Military Modular Sleeping Bags System

MT Military Modular Sleeping Bags System

What you need to know: This four-piece sleeping bag is versatile and perfect for anyone staying overnight in conditions from 30 degrees Fahrenheit to 40 degrees below.

What you’ll love: Three layers can be combined or deconstructed for a highly versatile system. It’s waterproof while remaining breathable, and has a high-grade military filling material that’s fluffy and compression resistant. You can wear the stuff sack like a backpack for easy carrying.

What you should consider: Due to its multiple components, this sleeping bag is bulky and heavy. Although quite versatile, it may be too warm for conditions above freezing.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Tennier Industries Extreme Cold Weather Military Sleeping Bag

Tennier Industries Extreme Cold Weather Military Sleeping Bag

What you need to know: Built for extreme cold, this bag is durable and recommended for anyone planning to sleep in harsh, cold weather.

What you’ll love: Constructed of polyester, cotton and nylon with down filling, this bag is built for extremely cold temperatures. It comes in a mummy style and has a hood.

What you should consider: No bag is included, which makes for harder storage and transportation. Some customers complained that it often shed down feathers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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