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The reason for a megaphone’s shape is to help focus and direct the sound waves you produce so that people far away or in a noisy area will still be able to hear your voice.

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Which megaphone is best?

Megaphones are useful tools for transmitting information faster to a large group or over a large area, especially if the environment is loud. There are many different options and not all megaphones are suited to all tasks.

If you need a very powerful electronic megaphone that can produce loud sound over a long range, the top choice is the Pyle Megaphone Speaker. The 50-watt megaphone with a siren and detachable microphone is adaptable for safe indoor and outdoor use.

What to know before you buy a megaphone

Do you want a megaphone or a bullhorn?

Bullhorns are just electronic megaphones, which make them far more powerful. They have special features that a simple megaphone cannot perform. Megaphones that do not have electronic components must be large, bulky and rely solely on the shape of the cone to direct and amplify sound waves. 

How far away is the receiver of your communication?

Megaphones help to transmit sound over longer distances and wider areas than a voice can travel under normal conditions. Whether you are using a megaphone for a sporting event, a construction project or a large gathering, consider the space and distance between you and the farthest people you have to reach. Your megaphone’s volume should not be so loud that it causes pain to the listeners, but it cannot be so quiet that people far away cannot hear you.

What size megaphone do you need?

For outdoor venues and large distances, a small megaphone may not be enough. Similarly, a large and powerful megaphone might be overkill for an indoor situation. Consider the situation you plan to use it for and check the local noise ordinances. Depending on the time of day, using a megaphone at a high enough volume can disturb people in the surrounding area and constitute a violation of the law. If you are using a big enough megaphone at a high enough volume, you may need a permit to amplify sound.

What to look for in a quality megaphone


The watts of an electronic megaphone tell you how much power the device has. Generally, megaphones will be somewhere between 5-50 watts. Higher amounts may be more powerful, but they also drain power way faster. The best quality megaphone lasts for a long time on its battery supply, can produce incredibly loud sounds and project them over a vast distance.


Some megaphones have microphones built into the device, while others have detachable mics. The benefit of a detachable microphone is that it is easier to hold up to your mouth and direct the megaphone in any desired direction. Models with detachable microphones could also be exchanged with a microphone that you already prefer to use. Some models allow users to input a sound recorded over a microphone and then play that sound back at any time by pressing a button. 


Most megaphones have built-in sirens or attention-grabbing alarm features that can quickly get a crowd to quiet down or direct their attention to the speaker. The best megaphones have easily activated sirens and adjustable volume so that you can control the volume of the sounds produced. If a megaphone is too loud or quiet and there is no way to change the volume, it renders the device practically useless.

How much you can expect to spend on a megaphone

For under $30, you can find decent megaphones with sirens and basic features. If you need a detachable microphone or record and playback functions, the megaphone will usually cost more.

Megaphone FAQ

Just how loud is a megaphone?

A. Some megaphones hit an average of 100 decibels on average, which is about the same volume level as a motorbike or chain saw. Sirens built into megaphones can sometimes be as loud as 120 decibels. Because megaphones can get so loud they must be used carefully and responsibly. It is important to not use a megaphone right next to someone as you could hurt their ears with such loud sound waves. Anything louder than 85 decibels can damage a human ear, so megaphones must be used carefully.

From what distance should you use a megaphone?

A. To safely use a megaphone but also ensure that everyone can hear you, the proper distance varies depending on the model. Each megaphone is a little different, so check the individual specifications and recommendations. Generally, you can expect that a 50-watt megaphone will produce sounds that can be heard about a half-mile away. The length and shape of a megaphone also affect its ability to produce long-range sound. If a megaphone is particularly powerful, consider keeping extra batteries so that it will not run out of power while you need to send important callouts.

What’s the best megaphone to buy?

Top megaphone

Pyle Megaphone Speaker

Pyle Megaphone Speaker

What you need to know: This 50-watt megaphone allows for manual volume control and adjustment so that it can be safely used indoors and outdoors.

What you’ll love: It is powerful, but you can regulate and directly control the volume for different situations. The built-in siren grabs attention easily. The megaphone comes with a detachable microphone and a 3.5-millimeter input port so the megaphone can serve as a speaker for other electronic devices. 

What you should consider: The included microphone is not the best quality, so it must be close and directly in front of the user’s mouth for it to transmit the sound properly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top megaphone for the money

Croove Megaphone Bullhorn with Siren

Croove Megaphone Bullhorn with Siren

What you need to know: This affordable 30-watt megaphone has a decent range and different siren modes.

What you’ll love: The built-in siren can also play musical tones to get people’s attention instead of the generic siren sound. The control panel is streamlined and easy to use. The sound produced can reach up to 800 yards away and the volume can be manually adjusted by the user.

What you should consider: The megaphone is a bit small and compact, which along with the wattage, limits the range of the sound. Of course, a smaller size may be preferred depending on the situation.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

BSN Sports Mini Megaphone

BSN Sports Mini Megaphone

What you need to know: This miniature 8-watt megaphone is not intended to reach extremely high volumes or carry long distances, but it packs a punch.

What you’ll love: The volume is manually controllable. Depending on the size of the area or group, the limited range of 300 yards can be ideal for sharing the information needed without the sound reaching anyone beyond the intended audience. The speaker is operated with a simple trigger system and it includes a carrying strap.

What you should consider: Some users have found that the built-in siren is too easy to accidentally activate. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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