Best long sweaters for women


Avoid long sweaters that don’t feel nice to the touch, and opt for those that are soft, pliable, tightly woven and something you would want to keep on for a long time.

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Which long sweater is best for women?

Sweaters are a must-have during the chillier months of the year when we want to be warm and cozy. They aren’t just functional garments but are also versatile and fashionable. If you’re searching for a new look, our round-up of the best long sweaters for women in the market will give you some great options to consider. 

With its roomy fit and full coverage, long sweaters like JENNIE LIU Pure Cashmere Long Sleeve Crew Neck Sweater are ideal for those looking for extra comfort during leisure activities and traveling. 

What to know before you buy long sweaters for women

Varying styles

Long sweaters come in a variety of styles including sweater dresses, cardigans and tunics. Any one of these styles can be dressed up for events or fancier occasions as well as dressed down for lazy days off.


Sweaters are made with countless materials and material blends. Classic choices include cashmere, wool and cotton. Other popular materials are rayon, polyester, nylon, acrylic, and elastane. When choosing sweaters, it’s important to run your hands over them to get a sense of the quality. If it feels cheap, scratchy, or does not feel good against your skin, it would be better to put it back on the rack. On the other hand, it feels soft, pliable, tightly woven, and something you would want to keep on for a long time when you know you’ve found a keeper.

For more on the benefits and drawbacks of long sweaters, check out the cashmere sweaters review from BestReviews.

Washing considerations

Different sweaters must be washed differently. While some long sweaters can be tossed into the washing machine and dryer with the rest of your clothes, this isn’t always the case. Long sweaters can be made of more delicate materials. These may require hand washing or a delicate spin setting on your washing machine. Likewise, certain long sweaters don’t do well in a dryer, which can be harsh on certain fabrics and materials. Make sure to read any inside tags to see if your long sweater needs line or flat drying, or if a tumble dry on a low setting is best. 

What to look for in quality long sweaters for women

Patterns and seams

A sweater’s seams and stitch patterns are signs of whether or not the piece will last. Seams around the bottom, shoulders, and cuffs should be even, smooth and keep the sweater’s shape streamlined. Wonky and asymmetrical patterns are a sign that it may not last long, especially after a couple of washes.

Size and fit

Most sweaters are made of fabrics that are not easy to tailor or adjust, so finding ones that fit you perfectly off the rack is important. This is even more important for longer sweaters. With its wide and loose fit, it can be easy to get the potato bag look. Read the sizing guide carefully, and if possible, try long sweaters on before buying.


Necklines should have a cut that makes you comfortable. Some people may find V-neck sweaters or long sweaters sweetheart necklines too revealing or leaving them chilly. Conversely, turtlenecks and cowl necks can sometimes feel constraining. It’s important to find a collar that’s a good fit for your needs and comfort, as well as one that won’t irritate your skin. Those made with rough seamlines can cause chaffing. 

How much you can expect to spend on a long sweater for women

Long sweaters for women can begin in the $20-$30 price range while higher-end brand name sweaters can run into the hundreds of dollars.

Long sweaters for women FAQ

Can long sweaters for women be worn to nicer occasions?

A. Yes! With the right outfit and accessories, a long sweater for women can be worn to nearly any event or on any occasion. Simply changing what your long sweater for women is paired with can bump up your outfit from casual to dressy. Add some jewelry or change out those jeans for slacks for a classy style great for any event or outing.

Are long sweaters better than regular length sweaters?

A. Long sweaters can have some added benefits regular length or shorter sweaters don’t. Long sweaters provide more overall coverage. This means your thighs and backside are covered, which can help keep you even warmer in chillier settings and colder climates.   

What’s the best long sweater for women to buy?

Top long sweater for women

JENNIE LIU Women’s 100% Pure Cashmere Long Sleeve Crew Neck Sweater

JENNIE LIU Women’s 100% Pure Cashmere Long Sleeve Crew Neck Sweater

What you need to know: This versatile piece can be easily dressed up or dressed down.

What you’ll love: The tight-knit of this 100 percent imported cashmere long sweater makes it sturdy, so you can wear it for many years. Not only does it provide a flattering fit, but it’s extremely comfortable, ultra-soft and cozy.

What you should consider: Some wearers found the material of the sweater too thin.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top long sweater for women for the money

UGET Women’s Casual Oversized Sweater

UGET Women’s Casual Oversized Sweater

What you need to know: This lightweight sweater is easy to layer, making it suitable for everything from cool summer nights to warmer winter days.

What you’ll love: This is available in 23 different colors, providing customers with more options to choose from. Loose-fitting batwing sleeves and a loose, baggy design give it a relaxed feel, and it can be worn in several different ways.

What you should consider: Some found the sizing confusing and did not find it true to size.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

LIYOHON Women’s Tunic Tops

LIYOHON Women’s Tunic Tops

What you need to know: This simple but stylish sweater is made with soft, breathable fabric that feels warm and chic.

What you’ll love: The lightweight and breathable knit provides a comfortable, soft touch. A loose fit makes it suitable for all body types and can be worn as a dress or tunic, making it suitable for various settings, occasions, and seasons.

What you should consider: Some customers found it runs a half size large, making it too baggy.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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