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Sage green was a trending color in interior design and fashion throughout 2021.

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Which green rug is best?

The color green represents nature and encourages growth and harmony. According to interior design psychology, a green rug can project peace and balance in your home. Latitude Run Filamena Light Green Area Rug is a carpet mottled with sage and olive green shades. The soft fabric is beautiful with a subtle design that can fit any room theme, from contemporary to rustic. 

What to know before you buy a green rug

Color psychology

Green is popular in interior design because of its emotion-evoking appearance. This color is commonly associated with nature and fits well in rooms filled with natural or artificial plants. Mild shades can invoke a protective atmosphere, and bold shades can make rooms dreary or eccentric. Residential and healthcare interiors favor neutral shades of green, such as olive and sage. 

Keep in mind that a lighter-colored rug will make a room appear larger while a darker-colored rug will make a room seem smaller. 

Complementing themes

Green, depending on the shade, can be matched with any other color. 

  • Chartreuse, a yellow-green, can be paired with black, white, gray or tan. 
  • Mint, a light blue-green, pairs with yellow, pink and blue.
  • Lime, a neon shade, matches bright oranges and yellows. For an especially bright look, it can be paired with fuchsia. 
  • Seafoam, light and bright, goes with pastel versions of red and orange. 
  • Sage, soft and delicately colored, goes best with whites and grays.
  • Emerald, a vibrant green, goes well with shades of red and pink. It can also be matched with lime green.
  • Olive, dark and bleak in color, does well with darker neutrals and dull reds. 


You need to know where you plan to place your rug and its desired dimensions. Remember that any side not touching a wall should have at least 18 inches of exposed floor beyond its reach. This keeps your rug from being too large, which can cause the room to feel cramped and stuffy.

You don’t want your rug to fill the entire room, but you also don’t want it to be too small; your rug should be large enough to sit beneath all legs of furniture. 

What to look for in a quality green rug

Material and pile

The most popular rugs are cheaply produced synthetic fabrics which are widely available and easy to clean. These rugs often have a strong chemical smell that will go away with time.

Although synthetics like polypropylene are highly popular, rug connoisseurs consider wool rugs to be top-of-the-line. These rugs are plush and resistant to stains and moisture; however, they’re very expensive and can shed. 

All rugs, no matter the material, will have their fibers characterized by pile height. Pile is the length of the strands of fabric: high pile rugs are several inches high and fluffy, while low pile rugs are flat and firm. Low pile rugs are best for high-traffic areas and vice versa. 


Ultimately, the best rug depends on your preference. If you’re torn between synthetic and wool rugs, you can focus on another determining characteristic of quality — the line and needle count. A line count is the number of stitches per square inch of the textile, and needle counts are the number of loops in the yarn. Higher numbers indicate higher-quality fabrics with denser fibers.

Creases and curling

A great rug will be absent of irregularities. It has relatively even dimensions on all sides and should lay flat against the floor. Vintage wool rugs will never have creases or curls due to their age. If you order a rug listed as 100% wool or vintage and it arrives with those deformities, you were likely scammed for they are telltale signs of a cheaper synthetic rug.

You should know that synthetic rugs will flatten with time and are not a huge concern.

How much you can expect to spend on a green rug

Depending on the size, a green rug costs $3-$15 per square foot. A standard-quality 5-by-8-foot rug costs $120-$600.

Green rug FAQ

What color furniture goes with a green rug?

A. Black or brown leather couches and wood furniture are the best choices to complement the hue of a green carpet. 

What flooring looks best with a green rug?

A. Any hardwood or laminate floor looks great, since light- and dark-stained woods match the earthy tone of this color.

What wall color looks best with a green rug?

A. An off-white or beige wall with a white trim will go best with a green rug.

What’s the best green rug to buy?

Top green rug

Latitude Run Filamena Light Green Area Rug

Latitude Run Filamena Light-Green Area Rug

What you need to know: This rug is made of light green polypropylene yarn with medium pile height.

What you’ll love: This rug doesn’t require a rug pad and the manufacturer backs the product with a lifetime warranty. It’s both stain- and fade-resistant.

What you should consider: This product is not moisture resistant.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Top green rug for the money

nuLOOM Lisa Floral Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

nuLOOM Lisa Floral Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

What you need to know: This white-base rug comes in rectangular, runner, round, square and oval shapes and is decorated with green foliage imagery.

What you’ll love: This rug is water- and fade-resistant and it’s easy to clean. It can be used indoors or outdoors and is built to last in high-traffic areas.

What you should consider: It’s a synthetic rug and has a chemical smell when first purchased.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Worth checking out

Safavieh Adirondack Collection ADR125X Modern Wave Rug

Safavieh Adirondack Collection Modern Wave Rug

What you need to know: This polypropylene rug is sage green with an off-white wave pattern.

What you’ll love: This rug has a low pile that’s stain-resistant and doesn’t shed. It’s both child- and pet-friendly and is durable against heavy foot traffic. 

What you should consider: The rug needs to be flattened after shipment.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot


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