Best Gold’s Gym weight bench


You can use weight benches to train the legs and include sprinting exercises.

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Which Gold’s Gym weight bench is best?

In most gyms you’ll visit, you’ll find at least one weight bench, as it’s a staple in the fitness industry. But just because it’s common to see in gyms doesn’t mean it’s not possible to attain one yourself. Gold’s Gym provides some of the most reliable fitness equipment, let alone weight benches, whether you’re starting your own gym or want to work out at home. The Gold’s Gym XR 6.1 Weight Bench is the top choice if you’re looking for a versatile and comfortable weight bench. 

What to know before you buy a Gold’s Gym weight bench

Leg developer

Leg developer attachments are pieces built towards the end of the weight bench that help keep your legs secure when doing bench press and other upper body exercises that require you to keep your feet on the ground. Typically, the more foam roll pieces a leg developer has, the more leg workouts you’ll be able to do, such as hamstring curls, leg raises and more. Two-roll and four-roll leg developer systems are common in many benches, while the more expensive models will have six rolls and more. 

Weight capacity

Ensure that the bench you’re interested in has the weight capacity to hold your weight. Some benches only have a weight capacity of up to 150 lbs. In contrast, others have weight capacities surpassing 300 pounds. Having a bench with enough weight capacity helps prevent the bench from being unstable and shaky. 


You should have a plan of what exercises you’re going to use with the bench to know how to use it properly. For example, placing your body properly on the bench for whatever exercise is crucial because having the wrong placement can result in injury or muscular imbalances. Research how to have the correct form on whatever workout you plan on using the bench for, so you can use it to its best capability. 

What to look for in a quality Gold’s Gym weight bench

Weight rack

If you plan on using a barbell for your workouts, a weight rack is a must. This gives you somewhere to place the barbell when you’re done with a set of presses, rows, deadlifts and other exercises. Especially when you’re using heavier weights to push your limits, you’re going to need a weight rack to place that heavy barbell down after a set of the appropriate upper or lower body exercise.

Incline and decline capability

Doing a bench press, row, and other upper body exercises on different incline and decline levels of the bench target different areas of your body, allowing you to get more creative. Setting a bench to an incline setting allows you to target your upper pectoral muscles more effectively while having the bench on a declined level targets more of the lower pecs.

Preacher curl attachment

A preacher curl attachment allows you to do bicep curls with the bench, and the attachment isolates your biceps so that you can target those muscles more accurately. While many people tend to use curls without a preacher curl attachment, the piece is still valuable if bicep exercises are what you implement into your workouts. 

How much you can expect to spend on Gold’s Gym weight bench

Gold’s Gym weight benches range from $75-$300. From $75-$125, you’ll find more affordable benches that might just be a stand-alone bench and possibly incline capability. In the $125-$225 range, you can find midrange benches that could include a weight rack and a four-roll leg developer system. High-end benches in the $225-$300 range may come with weighted plates and add attachments such as a preacher curl piece.

Gold’s Gym weight bench FAQ

Do you need a weight rack?

A. If you plan to use a barbell for your press workouts, a weight rack is essential for safety, especially if you’re working out without a spotter. A weight rack isn’t necessary if you prefer to use only dumbbells for upper body workouts. 

What can you use instead of a weight bench?

A. Instead of bench presses, some people do floor presses using the floor as a base. However, since you’re pressing from the floor, you have less range of motion compared to a bench press. For leg exercises, you could use a step platform instead if you’re doing exercises such as step-ups. 

What’s the best Gold’s Gym weight bench to buy?

Top Gold’s Gym weight bench

Gold's Gym XR 6.1 Weight Bench

Gold’s Gym XR 6.1 Weight Bench

What you need to know: With adjustable heights, this bench allows you to get creative with your workouts.

What you’ll love: Built with a rack, you have somewhere to place a barbell. It has a weight plate holder so you can conveniently store plates or do leg raises. 

What you should consider: Some wanted the bench to be bigger. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Gold’s Gym weight bench for the money

Gold's Gym XR 5.9 Weight Bench

Gold’s Gym XR 5.9 Weight Bench

What you need to know: For a great price, you get this lightweight bench that you can adjust easily across a room. 

What you’ll love: The fully adjustable positions allow you to sit on the bench all the way up or flat. It comes with a four-roll leg lockdown so that your legs stay in place during workouts. 

What you should consider: The bench can be shaky for some workouts.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Golds Gym XR 8.1 Combo

Golds Gym XR 8.1 Combo

What you need to know: Capable of holding 300 pounds of your weight and an additional 300 pounds of weight plates, this is one of the strongest benches by Gold’s Gym. 

What you’ll love: It features a six-roll leg developer that gives you access to various leg workouts. It comes with a preacher curl attachment so you can target the biceps more accurately. 

What you should consider: The price tag may be too hefty for some. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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