Best gift for Type C personalities


Most Type C people are very invested in their hobbies. A great gift would be something that adds to their already existing hobbies, so they can do more of what they already love.

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What to buy for Type C personalities

Buying gifts is a fun and sweet way to show someone that you love or appreciate them. While shopping for gifts can be a fun experience, it can easily get stressful if you don’t know what to buy or are unsure of what the person you’re gifting would like. One thing that can make gift-giving easier is aligning the present you select with the personality of who you’re gifting it to. The Type C personality is a logical but thoughtful type who values accuracy and consistency. This is an insightful guide on using personality to choose gifts that any Type C personality will truly love and enjoy. 


This personality type is always looking for something that will make their lives easier and more efficient. Because of that, they’re likely to prefer gifts that are made for specific purposes. Though Type C people appreciate beauty and aesthetics, they tend to prefer gifts that are more functional than they are beautiful. 

Anker Power Bank

Gadgets like this power bank, which is multipurpose and powerful, are handy for any power needs while also being portable. 


Echo Show 10

Another functional and portable gift that will come in handy is an Echo Show Smart Device that will move with you and connect other devices to you with a simple click. This way, your C Type can easily enable Alexa and connect to other compatible devices whether they want to create a smart home, or just have easier access to their favorite things. 



Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

Type C personalities tend to love learning and understanding all types of concepts and ideas, and the Type C person you want to gift is probably passionate about a number of particular topics. These could include a wide range of subjects: architecture, science, history, technology, art and even fiction. If you don’t know specifically what your Type C is interested in, you can do research by asking their friends, family or co-workers what types of things they’re interested in. If doing that isn’t possible, there are some books of general interest that are suitable for most Type C personalities such as “Sapiens: History of Humankind” by Yuval Noah Harari and “The Illustrated Brief History of Time” by Stephen Hawking. 


2 Pack Executive Lined Journal Notebooks

Because Type C people are usually critical and organized thinkers, they often need a space to put down their thoughts, ideas and concepts. Even though more tech-savvy Type C folks may prefer doing this on apps or spreadsheets, it’s hard to go wrong with a classic lined notebook. You can find all types of notebooks with different colors and designs to suit the particular tastes of your favorite Type C. 

Aside from just writing, your C type might also need to doodle or draw diagrams to further flesh out certain concepts, or even to teach them. For this purpose, you can pair the notebook with index flash cards and flash-card holders that will aid their writing, reading, drawing or research as efficiently as possible. 


Galison Houseplant Jungle 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

With a keen eye for details and a razor-sharp focus, most Type C personalities like to achieve tasks that may seem long or too complicated to others. Because of this, they tend to enjoy games and mentally stimulating hobbies such as putting together a jigsaw puzzle. A 1,000-piece puzzle will be an exciting and intricate game for them to engage with and enjoy. 


Rubik’s Connected

They may also enjoy tactical and challenging games such as chess or this smart Rubik’s Cube.

Depending on the type of activities that they are naturally drawn to, you can select games for them that they will find fun but also stimulating. Other ideas that they are likely to enjoy are problem-solving games, games that involve uncovering mysteries or decoding secrets, items that they have to build from scratch and brain teasers. 


Home and office 

DYMO Label Maker

Organization is important to this personality type, as they are typically logical and detail-oriented. Their perfectionistic tendencies often make them lean towards consistency and flow. One way to ensure things are always in place is by having them labeled. For this job, a label maker is an efficient choice and will be sure to be a very useful gift for your favorite Type C — if they don’t have one already. 


Homode Makeup Organizer

Anything that is able to minimize space and allow for a clutter-free environment is sure to make the Type C pleased. Their controlled and calm nature often needs them to be in spaces that are kept tidy and where things can be easily found. Anything from a vanity organizer to a shower caddy is going to make their space neater and more organized. 


With so many online courses and programs to choose from, it doesn’t matter what type of interest your Type C has: You’re sure to find a course or program based on those specific interests. Whether they would like to learn coding or abstract painting, this type would really appreciate your personal contribution to their specific interests, learning and the opportunity to update their skills. 

Though the C Type personality might seem like they already have everything they need, they  probably don’t. Most Type C people enjoy anything that makes their life cleaner, organized and more efficient. Gadgets, books and events that will enlighten them and help them become more efficient or put together are the best things to consider when buying a gift for them. No matter what you end up choosing, think about the person you’re buying for before you think about the product you’ll purchase. Being intentional about your gift is sure to warm your Type C person’s heart and put a smile on their face.


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