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The best double camping chairs are stable on rough terrain, lightweight and have enough padding to assist in creating a comfortable camping trip next to a warm fire under a starlit night sky.

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Which double camping chairs are best?

If there’s one thing the pandemic has accomplished, it’s reigniting people’s love for the great outdoors. And it certainly fulfilled vacation dreams of sitting with your partner next to a bumbling creek under a bright starlit night sky. 

However, watching sparks from your campfire slowly fluttering away on separate chairs can ruin the mood. One of the best ways to take it a step further is by enjoying the time on one of the best double camping chairs, like the Kelty Low Loveseat Camp Chair.

What to know before you buy a double camping chair


Whether it’s a top-of-the-line camping stove, tunnel tent, or backpack, portability is essential when it comes to camping gear. The best double camping chairs are all foldable, relatively lightweight and minimize the amount of space they take up in your car. 

Of course, if you’re backpacking, a double camping chair isn’t the appropriate gear. You’ll start feeling the additional weight a few miles on your trek. 

However, the most significant factor for a car camping trip is bringing a chair that fits. Not only must it fit, but it also must leave enough room, so nobody has to compromise on what they need to leave behind.

The best portable double camping chairs can fold down into a compact size. If it can, they typically come with a strap to make it much easier to lug around. 


Two parts of a double camping chair must work cohesively to not ruin the entire experience by breaking down. The frame must be light enough to carry around and strong enough to hold the weight of two people. Typically, manufacturers will utilize aluminum because it fits those two criteria. 

The second part of the equation, the fabric, is equally important. The fabric must be durable, flexible and water-resistant. One such fabric you’ll commonly find in double camping chairs is nylon. 

Padding is also something you should consider. On warmer nights, having a soft padded chair is great but not exactly breathable. On the contrary, having a mesh chair on a cold winter night might not provide the most romantic experience. 


While a million-dollar camping chair made entirely of silk and faux fur with an edible chocolate frame is nice, it’s not exactly budget-friendly. When choosing your camping chair, you must consider the other costs that take up room in your budget. That could include food, fees, gas and new sleeping bags. 

However, that doesn’t mean you should purchase the cheapest one on the market that’s likely to break down after a few minutes on uneven terrain. Try looking for quality double camping chairs on sale or already at a great price that is strong, durable and comfortable. 

What to look for in a quality double camping chair

Cup holders and other features 

It’s challenging to design a double camping chair to include conveniences you would find on a recliner in your living room. However, some products come with additional features to make your trip more memorable. 

These can include external storage, cup holders, a footrest and even an attached umbrella. However, it’s good to note that features like an attached umbrella and footrest affect the chair’s weight, size, and portability. 

Then again, it’s always wise to consider your partner’s needs. If they need a reclining chair to relax by the campfire, maybe paying a little extra is well worth it. 

Height and weight capacity

The height of the chair from the ground and the seat back height are vital in a quality double camping chair. However, not all chairs are one-size-fits-all. 

Regarding the height of the chair, you don’t want to purchase one that’s so high you feel like a toddler on a swing set. On the other hand, when it’s too close to the ground, it can get challenging to find a comfortable position. 

With love seat camping chairs, you must take into additional consideration the weight difference between yourself and your partner. To avoid a seesaw situation, you’ll want to ensure the chair can balance and support both weights. 


Camping typically involves placing your chairs on uneven terrain instead of tiles or asphalt. Some chairs come with a design flaw that makes them light and portable but extremely unstable on rough grounds. 

It might be that the legs are simply too thin, or the frame might lose its structure at a certain angle. Be sure to test the chair out a few times before lugging it along on your trip. 

How much you can expect to spend on double camping chairs

You can expect to spend between $40-$200 on quality double camping chairs. 

Double camping chairs FAQ

How strict are the weight limits on double camping chairs? 

A. It’s always recommended to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. However, camping chairs made from plastic or mesh are likely weaker than those with metal frames and durable fabric materials like nylon. 

How can I stop my double camping chair legs from sinking? 

A. It’s never fun to light a fire and sit down, only to have your chair sink underneath you. There are a few ways to avoid this from happening. You can slice one tennis ball for each of the chair’s legs or use the bottom of a large plastic bottle. Alternatively, you can also cut small two-by-fours to distribute weight evenly. 

What are the best double camping chairs to buy?

Top double camping chair

Kelty Low Loveseat Camp Chair

Kelty Low Loveseat Camp Chair

What you need to know: Kelty created the perfect double camping chair for those who want to enjoy a spacious, ergonomic chair by the fire pit. 

What you’ll love: This chair was designed to achieve peak comfort. It has an inclined angle and is lower to the ground, so your legs aren’t left swinging. You’ll also enjoy an adjustable armrest you can configure to your comfort so you can easily reach your drink in your insulated cup holder. 

What you should consider: The padded fabric presents some difficulty when folding. 

Where to buy: Sold by Backcountry

Top double camping chair for the money

Coleman Quattro Lax Double Quad Chair

Coleman Quattro Lax Double Quad Chair

What you need to know: If you blew your budget on a large tunnel tent and luxurious sleeping bags, check out this budget-friendly love seat that’s large enough to fit two people at a minimal cost comfortably. 

What you’ll love: It’s not only the steel frame that’s strong. The fabric features rivets and extra stitching to hold the weight of two people without any concerns. It also has ventilated mesh cup holders to make for easy cleaning in case of a spill. 

What you should consider: The armrests may slide down when climbing in and out of the chair. 

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot and Amazon 

Worth checking out

Trademark Innovations Loveseat Camp Chair

Trademark Innovations Loveseat Camp Chair

What you need to know: The Trademark Innovations love seat is a sturdy camping chair that folds down into a compact bag that you can easily carry around with a strap. 

What you’ll love: While maintaining its lightweight structure, this camping chair can comfortably seat two people up to 485 pounds. Its compact size, when folded, makes it a great chair to take on any outdoor event like a game at the park or to sit by the lake. 

What you should consider: The connecting rivets can protrude after some time. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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