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Which automatic toilet bowl cleaners are best?

Cleaning your home can become tedious and time-inclusive. When you lack the proper tools or are running short on time, the more unpleasant duties — like toilet bowl cleaning — tend to fall through the cracks. By choosing the right products, you can save yourself time, energy and smelly duties.

An automatic toilet bowl cleaner will keep your toilet sparkling even if you don’t have time to swish it clean yourself. While there are many options, customers everywhere agree that Lysol Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaning Click Gel is best. 

What to know before you buy an automatic toilet bowl cleaner

Safety first

When you use disinfecting bathroom cleaners of any kind, you want to pay attention to the ingredients. Many cleaning products are made with harmful, even toxic ingredients. While products like bleach make a big difference in cleaning and whitening your toilet bowl, you want to be careful with what you keep in your home — especially if you have children or pets. Breathing harmful chemicals for long periods can damage your health as well. Minimize the risks of keeping your home clean by working with quality, non-toxic products. 


Not all cleaning products are eco-friendly, but you can find plenty of options that won’t pollute the environment. When you shop around for automatic toilet bowl cleaners, consider looking for tablets that are gentle for the environment. Think about it. Anything you flush down your toilet will make its way back into the septic system and eventually into the environment. Do your part in keeping the planet healthy and limit your use of harmful chemicals.

What works for you

Automatic toilet bowl cleaners have different application processes. Find one that keeps your toilet bowl clean and sparkling in a way that works for you. The most common two methods for automatic toilet bowl cleaners is either a gel formula or capsule form. For gel formulas, the gel coats the interior bowl of your toilet when applied. It rids the toilet of dirt and stains, allowing for a smooth, clean appearance. Capsules — also known as drop-ins — are a great way of painlessly cleaning the grime out of your toilet. Drop it in and allow the capsule to deodorize and clean your toilet. 

What to look for in a quality automatic toilet bowl cleaner

Effective formulas

An automatic toilet bowl cleaner may save you time, but it’s worthless if the formula doesn’t keep your toilet clean. You want the formula of your cleaning product to remove stains and dirt, but not be filled heavily with chemicals that harm yourself or the environment. If you want to disinfect your toilet as well, check the formula to ensure it has antibacterial properties. If fragrance is important to you, you should also consider this when choosing your ideal product. Some are designed to deodorize.

Easy installation

The best automatic toilet bowl cleaners make installation hassle-free. That’s the entire point of an automatic toilet bowl cleaner. While personal preference can affect which location is best for installation, you don’t want it to be a struggle to clean your toilet. The most common places for installing automatic toilet bowl cleaners are in the tank, bowl or the fill valve of the toilet. Many users prefer an automatic toilet bowl cleaner that can be used without having to touch the toilet itself. Capsules are one of the best options in this case.


Automatic toilet bowl cleaners all have a limited lifespan as to the number of flushes allowed before the product is used up and requires replacing. The best automatic toilet bowl cleaner will act quickly to get your toilet clean and it will last multiple flushes.

How much you can expect to spend on an automatic toilet bowl cleaner

You can find plenty of effective toilet bowl cleaners for $5-$10. 

Automatic toilet bowl cleaner FAQ

Can I use an automatic toilet bowl cleaner along with other cleaning products?

A. Check the particular automatic toilet bowl cleaner you plan to use before attempting to mix other cleaners. Many are safe to use along with other disinfectants or cleaners, but you should check the ingredients to make sure you don’t create a toxic concoction. 

Are my pets safe around automatic toilet bowl cleaners?

A. If you have a pet that likes to drink out of a toilet bowl, then you should avoid using automatic toilet bowl cleaners. The ingredients in many toilet bowl cleaners would be toxic if ingested by your pet. 

What’s the best automatic toilet bowl cleaner to buy?

Top automatic toilet bowl cleaner

Lysol Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaning Click Gel

Lysol Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaning Click Gel

What you need to know: Get a full month’s supply of automatic toilet bowl cleaning gel with this value-pack cleaner.

What you’ll love: Keep your bathroom smelling fresh and looking clean after every single flush. A sanitary application uses a disposal cartridge to apply the cleansing gel to your toilet bowl. Discrete, single-use packets make administration pain-free. The citrus scent will keep your bathroom smelling nice. 

What you should consider: These automatic toilet bowl gel cartridges may not tackle the toughest stains or dirtiest toilets.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top automatic toilet bowl cleaner for the money

Vacplus Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets 12 PACK

Vacplus Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets 12 PACK

What you need to know: If you hate replacing cleaning products regularly, then this value pack of 12 automatic toilet bowl cleaning tablets will keep you stocked up for months. 

What you’ll love: With natural dye-free ingredients, these hassle-free tablets are safer to use than much of their competition. A sustained-release technology keeps your toilet bowl fresh for 15 days at a time. If used as directed, this product can last up to 25 weeks. 

What you should consider: These cleaner tablets have a strong, unpleasant smell that some users find unbearable. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets with Bleach

Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets with Bleach

What you need to know: If you love adorable sanitation products, then these bear-shaped tablets will make cleaning easier and more fun. 

What you’ll love: Simply open the box and greet the packaged detergent in a cute shape. You can place the bear cleaner in your toilet tank to keep your toilet bowl shiny and white. Remove stubborn stains with the concentrated gel formula and sustain-release technology.

What you should consider: While it may look like a toy, this automatic toilet bowl cleaner is not safe for children to handle. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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