The Unlikely Candidates are likely to get your heart pumping live at Lost Lake

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DENVER — When you’re called The Unlikely Candidates you set the bar and expect to surpass it. Kyle Morris and Cole Male, along with the rest of the band, did just that Saturday. They had already been in Colorado for two shows in Colorado Springs at The Black Sheep and The Moxi Theater in Greeley. Lost Lake was their third stop in Colorado. The childhood friends and early collaborators, Kyle and Cole, bring a range of personal and musical cool that takes very little time listening to discover.

Dressed in black on black on black Kyle and Cole emerged from the tour RV to chat touring Texas to Colorado and Austin to Denver sitting at patio furniture on Colfax outside Lost Lake nightclub. They’re amazingly low key, talking to them they’re grounded, cool and caring. Asked about their sound, Kyle said, “I think we’re very much our own animal never really tried to imitate too much, we have pop sensibility because we love bands like the Beatles, lyrics are fairly important so we love people like Bob Dylan.” About their home state of Texas, they’re from Fort Worth, “Austin is the little gem at the heart of Texas.” They’re here fresh from South By Southwest, Kyle added, “done it almost every year for the past six years.”  Talking playing Colorado, “running the gauntlet for sure.” They’re playing a total of four shows here. On playing The Black Sheep, “it’s like coming home playing shows there, it’s high fives and hugs the second we get there.” This was their second time playing Lost Lake. Cole let me know the first time was a benefit, and this was the moment their caring and heart showed, for Music Saves Lives. “Last time we played here everyone who came through the door had to give us blood.” An earlier blood donation to Bonfils Blood Center, last June, earned each donor two tickets for the July 1, 2016 show. While Austin may be at the heart of Texas, this band is at the heart of rock and roll right now and they keep the life blood pumping in more ways than just running around on stage.

The Unlikely Candidates really seem mellow, cool and calm sitting in front of Lost Lake on a warm Colorado Spring afternoon, but when the light goes down on Colfax and they take the stage the bar is raised to the highest level of rock stardom. It’s highly likely the fans in the room will have fun. They don’t stop and the fans don’t either. They came out on stage and launched right into their hit, “Your Love Could Start A War” from the latest EP Bed of Liars. A lot of bands would hold that song for three tunes in, a closer or an encore. Their thing doesn’t do that, a sign of the pace to come. It’s unlikely every song a band writes is a hit, Kyle and Cole perform them all like hits and they hit the crowd hard. There were no misses. When “Ringer” came up Kyle was serenading one lucky fan. By the end of the show Kyle was in the crowd, Cole was close behind standing on a monitor and the whole band was at the edge of the stage. The line between fans, bassist Jared Hornbeek and guitarist Brenton Carney was gone. Drummer Kevin Goddard held the backbeat at the back of the stage smiling ear to ear. Their performance was a shared experience and when it was over they stayed in the club taking selfies and getting social with fans.

They were heading to Aspen after the Denver gig and then home to Texas. Catch them someplace nearby, they’ll be out all over the country until mid May on tour and they’re adding dates all the time. In the meantime have a look a the pictures, they take you there.

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