Big Something brings a big groove to Bluebird Theater

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DENVER — Big Something has a big groove perfect for summer. The electronic funk alternative band from North Carolina appeared last month at Bluebird Theater.

Their new record is set for release later this week. The Otherside will be out April 20th. It follows along with some of the same ideas and stories from the last record Tumbleweed.

Vocalist Nick MacDaniels explains things this way, “this album’s fun because it’s the first time we tried to create a vinyl record. There’s a side A and a side B. So we planned it out to be it’s own little vinyl listening experience. I think it’s a great snapshot of the band. It’s probably like some of our best playing on a studio recording that we’ve ever done. So it’s definitely going to propel us forward. We’re playing the songs live a lot now. It’s new fresh material.”

Big Something puts the saxophone playing of Casey Cranford right up front and fills in the whole vibe with keys from Josh Kagel.

Macdaniels says the new record, “kicks right in and the first song follows up some of the concepts from the album before this. It kicks right in, then drops into a little bit more mellow spaciness. Side one fades out and then it picks up on side two and side two’s maybe a little bit more like soulful. Then at the end it finishes big, with a big heavy hitter. It’s kind of a journey. That’s the way we wanted it to be.”

Tumbleweed is about a wandering nomad at the end of the world post Apocalypse desert. Macdaniels says, “the first track from this album finishes his story.” 

Check it out later this week and check them out next time they’re in Colorado.

They’re fans of playing here and they appreciate the support.

Macdaniels says after multiple stops in Colorado this spring, “every time we come out here, there’s a great scene here. people just love to support music here and we love to play for them.” 

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