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Indoor Skydiving is much more than a one-time experience, it is a sport very much like Ice Hockey or Gymnastics where you practice regularly and compete etc.  Sydney Kennett came up through the sport by starting with “kids club” when she was 8 (now 13) which has recently evolved into what is called “flight school”.  There are regional, national, and worldwide competitions.  The interesting aspect of the sport is that anyone can fly and, there are fliers of all walks of life involved in the sport.  You don’t have to be hyper athletic to learn how to fly.

Sydney is the youngest IBA coach in the world, the youngest sponsored iFLY athlete worldwide, a Guinness World Record holder, the current two time US Junior Indoor Skydiving Freestyle champ, a two time award winner from the Colorado Sportswoman of the Year ( – interesting note, if she is nominated again for Colorado Sportswoman of the year recognition, she will be inducted into the hall of fame.  She also won Bronze at the world championships in Lille France in 2019.  She has the highest rated difficulty for her routine of any athlete at the competition.

Sydney is off to the US Indoor Skydiving Nationals next week in Florida, we wish her much success!