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DENVER — The confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh are underway in Washington.

One of the main reasons the hearings have become so contentious is because Roe v Wade is perceived to be threatened.

The reasoning is because Justice Kennedy helped keep abortion legal during his decades on the bench and Kavanaugh is believed to be more conservative than Kennedy.

What would happen in Colorado?  

In short nothing — at least right away. Democrats are expected to maintain control of enough branches of government to block any ban on abortion from getting through the General Assembly. Remember, overturning Roe v Wade would not make abortion illegal — it would merely give the power back to the states to decide on their own the legality of the practice.

Would Colorado become a hub for abortions?

Karen Middleton, Executive Director of NARAL Pro Choice Colorado  believes so.

“Are we going to have women in need of services travel to Colorado? Very Likely,” Middleton says.

That’s because of Colorado’s unique geography. Surrounding Colorado are states like Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Utah all have very anti abortion legislatures.

“If Roe V Wade is diminished or overturned or reduced in states around us we would see women coming here,” Middleton said.

 Is anti-abortion/pro-life movement excited?

Depends on who you ask. Jeff Hunt with Colorado Christian University believes Kavanaugh could start a chain reaction changing abortion laws in other states first and then in Colorado.

“It needs to be overturned so we can have the conversations in Colorado as to whether there is a right to life,” Hunt said.

But others in the antiabortion movement aren’t holding their breath. Bob Enyart is with Right to Life Colorado. This anti abortion organization doesn’t believe Republicans can deliver a justice to finally overturn Roe v Wade.

“We pretended our justices will actually uphold a child right to life,” Enyart said. You can watch more of him below.