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Hiring Contractor 1.	Plan Project  What do you want and need specifically?  You decide. 2.	Do Homework Investigate the company or person.  Check with BBB. Ask your neighbors, friends and co-workers for companies and names that provided great services. 3.	Contract Anything more than $500 in goods or services needs to be spelled out in a written agreement.  The agreement should include specifics like how much is the hourly rate, how many hours will it take to complete project and when will the work be completed? 4.	Bids Get several bids in writing and discuss bids with contractors.  Don’t just automatically take the lowest bid.  5.	Contractor References  Ask contractor for references from their customers and contact them.  Ask references if they were satisfied with the work? Was work completed on time?  Did contractor keep them informed as project progressed? Were there unexpected costs?  Would they hire this company or person again?  6.	Worker Compensation & Insurance Is the contractor fully bonded? Is their license current?    Beware of a contractor who 1.	Asks you to get the permits 2.	Includes exclusions or limitations in contract.  Delete ambiguous statements or phrases that do not make sense. 3.	Has materials left over from other jobs and can discount those materials 4.	Pressures you for immediate decision