The Latest Trends for Men's Hair this 2020

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Floyd’s 99 Barbershop has put together the biggest trends anticipated for 2020.  

The seasons change and so does our wardrobe and hopefully our hair too. As we shift into cooler temps and glide into the holidays our look should keep up.

We have seen a lot of trends and shifts with men’s hair in 2019 and we expect 2020 to be just as active.

So how can you keep up? What can you do to update and keep current?

The good news is that you don’t always have to be dramatic with change. It can be done in increments if that makes you feel more comfortable. Try keeping a little bit more length in the top if you have kept it short for quite a while. If you have kept a mid-length or fuller look why not take it in a little tighter to mix it up?

If you are ready to keep up with some of the current trends then take note! Here are a few that we have noticed as of late.

The short crop has come back strong. The difference? We have noticed more texture and movement on top versus a crop that traditionally has laid down flat and forward. Instead of keeping the top quite short we have seen a slight amount of length retained so the guy can apply some product and get some definition and separation on top.

On the flip side of the crop we have seen a shift with the front hair line being grown out slightly so the gentleman can use product and get distinct separation in front. More bold and more fun!

Length continues to hold strong as men have embraced a longer, fuller look. There are several variations here. You could dip your toe in the water and grow your hair an inch or so for a fuller look, or go for it and grow some solid length. There is an option for a swept over and slightly disheveled look. Although several guys are starting to grow out the top and keep the sides slightly disconnected. They are picking up the blow dryer and using products that will keep that hair flying high. A modern take on a classic pompadour. It doesn’t have to be smooth and perfectly placed, instead it can be broken up and pushed into place for a natural finish.

Fades are always a staple and will continue to be. The difference is the length on top. Mix it up and go for a deconstructed, slightly messier finish.

Color continues to grow more popular with men. Bold color such as a very light top or bleached out all over continues to be popular. In addition, we have seen several men go for a bold fashion color that is inserted into one area or for the bold, all over!

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