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Did you know that today is National Sticker Day?

StickerGiant started in 2000 in founder John Fischer’s basement and today is rolling out more than 100 million stickers and labels a year in Longmont.  And what fun they’ve had along the way, growing from a single entrepreneur to a team of 65 (with another 30+ to be hired in 2020!) and creating “Saul the Sticker Ball” a 340-pound behemoth composed entirely of stickers that was crowned the Guinness World’s Largest Sticker Ball in 2016. StickerGiant also worked to get January 13th declared National Sticker Day to celebrate stickers and all they stand for.

This year, to celebrate National Sticker Day, StickerGiant has assembled the Top Ten Stickers of All Time. After all, stickers have played an important role in history, whether in politics or humor, they were one of the first ways that individual Americans began to share their views. These stickers have been spotted everywhere from VW bus bumpers to bananas, and all across notebooks and water bottles for decades. Everyone has their favorite stickers and if you look closely, it’s a unique snapshot of American culture and time. We’d love to go over these stickers with you and share the idea behind Saul the Sticker Ball (which has stickers of every political affiliation peacefully co-existing and together creating a World Record!).