Have your Beverages Delivered by these Burros!

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Rocky Mountain Beverage Burro’s offer a unique opportunity to greet guests at any event (weddings, birthday parties, or corporate events) with beverages, party favors or anything the party planner can think of for the burro to carry in their baskets!

Burro’s the Spanish word for Donkey! They have been great pack animals for centuries, they love to go places and see people. They are a misunderstood animal and not stubborn, only cautious by nature, they have great self-preservation and really think every situation through.

These burro’s are rescues, they have given them a new productive life. They are not being left in a pen merely existing, they are being handled regularly, taken to parades, equine shows and spreading the love to many at each event they attend.

Each of our burros also Pack Burro Race as well and will be running a 10K distance Saturday, September 21st in Frederick, CO for Miner’s Day. Which will be our 8th and final race of our 2019 racing season, also known as Colorado Summer Heritage Sport!

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