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DENVER (KDVR) — With Father’s Day approaching with great haste, it may be time to pause and reconsider your gift giving approach for Pops, and what better way to do that then with a whiskey and a foot callous removal.

The largest part of your father’s physical existence will often be his feet, but that does not mean his trotters have to feel that way.  

The pampering professionals at the PROSE Nails know of this struggle all too well and they have created an atmosphere that will get dad out of his comfort zone and into a foot bath without hesitation.  

Located in the Happy Canyon Shopping Center at 5000 East Hampden Avenue, PROSE Nails offers a wide array of manicure and pedicure procedures sure to leave you relaxed and refreshed.  

The origins of pedicures can be traced back to 2300 BCE in Egypt, where art discovered in tombs depicted the practice all while highlighting the poshness attached to those who received them.  

Return to present day and the prowess gained from a pedi appointment has, if anything, increased. The injection of “power pedicures” into the business realm has brought a whole new alpha move to the foray.

It may at first appear to be a peculiar place to land on a date night, but an hour-long pampering in the hands of PROSE’s experts will help shed both dead foot skin and first date jitters.  

The boutique is closed on Mondays but is open Tuesday through Saturday. Their hours can be found on their homepage.