Tech Junkie Review: YeeLight Smart WiFi LED Light Strip

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In 2018 everything we own seems to be getting smarter!  Our doorbells, our thermostats and even our lights.  Smart bulbs have been growing in popularity.   How about an LED strip of smart lights that can change color and add ambience to your home?  I took the YeeLight Smart WiFi LED Light Strip for a test in my home.

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The YeeLight strip looks like any other strip of LED lights.  The LEDs are encased in a clear rubber material.  A peel and stick back makes it easy to attach the strip to any surface.  The power supply and controller plug into the end of the 6.5 foot strip.  The single button on the control can be used to turn the lights on/off and to change the color.  It provides basic control for those times when you don't have a phone or tablet to control it.

What Makes It Smart?

Using the YeeLight app you can change the color of the light strip, adjust the brightness, schedule times and days for it to turn on/off and change colors and brightness or even sync the strip to your music.  You can take the YeeLight to the next level by connecting it to  This means you can control the YeeLight with online events.  For example, you could set the light to change to red if the temperature is going to break 75 today.  You could even have the light change to orange if the Broncos win on Sunday!

What I Would Change

I love this light strip.  I love how easy it was to setup and use.  My only complaint is that I had a hard time getting a true white from the LEDs.  I could get a super bright blueish color or a really bright yellow but there was no easy way to use it as a normal light source.  Perhaps it's there but I'd like a quick shortcut for those moments when I just want to light up the room.


That's a small hiccup in what proved to be a really cool smart device that operates without a hub.  Connecting directly to your WiFi network means that you can use this LED strip even if you don't already have any smart devices or a smarthome hub.

At $30 through Amazon the YeeLight LED strip won't break the bank either.  It's a fun, inexpensive way, to add smart lighting to your home.

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