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Cheap tablets are… cheap.  Plasticy, poor performing paper weights.  Luckily for us, cheap inexpensive tablets have gotten better.  For under $100 you can actually find a good tablet at a good price.  Amazon has proved this time and time again with their Fire tablets and now Walmart wants a piece of that action.  I took the the new $64 ONN 8″ tablet from Walmart for a test.

My first thought the second I pulled this 8″ tablet from the cardboard box was, “Wow, this thing actually feels pretty solid.”  A dark blue slightly textured back feels good in the hand.  The unassuming design has the buttons you’d expect along with a microSD slot on the top for additional storage.  That’s good because the tablet only has 16GB of storage built-in.  You also get a 1.3GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and a promised 5.5 hours of battery life on a full charge.  The specs sound great but the proof is in the performance when it comes to inexpensive tablets.

The 8″ screen was surprisingly crisp and clear when I booted up the ONN tablet.  I was also pleasantly surprised to find this tablet running the newest Google Android OS, Android 9.  Time will tell if it gets updated quickly when the next version (Android Q) is released later this year.

Setup was simple.  I connected it to my Wi-Fi, logged in with my Google credentials and was dropped into the standard Android home screen.  Only 26 apps are pre-installed on this tablet.  That includes the stock Android apps.  Sure, the Walmart, Walmart Grocery, Vudu and Sam’s Club apps are pre-installed – as expected – but I was stoked to find nothing else added to the tablet.  Thanks Walmart for keeping it simple!

Once I started actually using the ONN 8″ Tablet is where things got a little more complicated.  A 1.3GHz quad-core processor and 4GB of RAM seems like enough to run a basic tablet but at times it felt a little sluggish to me.  This isn’t to say things didn’t work, they did, but it just didn’t feel as snappy as I had hoped it would be.  Web pages felt like they took an extra beat to load up and scrolling through menus was fine but slightly sluggish.  Again, it worked great but just felt less than smooth at times especially for a tablet that was fresh out of the box with 0 extra apps installed.

With that said, YouTube videos played great at 720p, music played fine in Google Play Music and Gmail, Chrome and other apps worked as expected.  The 2MP camera on the back produces pictures you’d expect from a 2MP camera.  The .3MP camera on the front is fine for video chatting but I wouldn’t plan on using it for pics or video.

At the end of the day, the ONN 8″ Tablet is exactly what it promises to be, an inexpensive 8″ tablet that is perfect for a spare tablet around the house to check email, watch videos or hand off to the kids.  A powerhouse tablet this is not but at $64 it packs a nice screen, a pure Android 9 experience and a solid feel.  You can find the ONN 8″ Tablet at Walmart stores and online at