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Insta360 GO – $200

When we think of cameras for recording video of our ski trip, mountain adventure or any family fun around town we usually go right to GoPro.  I love GoPros, don’t get me wrong.  Thing is, there are other options and in one case a much smaller option.  The Insta360 GO is tiny!  It weights less than an ounce and is small enough to slide into your purse.  A magnetic necklace puts the camera on your chest.  You can record timelapse video, slow motion video or normal speed.  All of it is buttery smooth with their FlowState image stablization.  It works amazingly well.  For $200 it’s a great option for shooting quick short videos of your next adventure.

Imilab EC2 Outdoor Wireless Security Camera – $100

Home security cameras are becoming commonplace but putting them outside presents a problem.  Yes, I’d love to have a camera on my front porch and back patio but I don’t have a power plug where I want my camera.  Imilab EC2 aims to solve that problem!  It’s a 100% wireless home security camera that can go 4 months before it needs a recharge.  It also has artificial intelligence for detecting people when it detects motion.  It can also distinguish between a pet and an intruder so you won’t get an alert on your phone every time your dog wanders into the frame.  It records video into the cloud and does it without a monthly subscription.  At $100 it’s one of the most affordable outdoor options and certain the best deal if you need a camera that doesn’t need a power plug.  It’s currently being sold via Indiegogo.

Wyze Home Security Camera – $20 available at Home Depot, Microcenter and other stores

This one has been around for a while but is still my favorite camera for anyone on a budget.  The Wyze camera is only $20 through their website (about $25 if you buy it via Amazon or a local store) and shoots HD video, records to the cloud or SD card and so much more.  Best of all, there are no monthly fees for basic cloud storage of motion clips.  Wyze did recently introduce an upgraded cloud storage option if you’re willing to pony up some cash.  Bottom line, it’s as good as many high-end home security cameras for an amazingly low price.  A great option for anyone who wants to keep an eye on their home while they are away.