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Six 6th Graders got Personal Invite to Meet Imagine Dragons last Saturday.

The Imagine Dragons can’t wait to meet the 6 young kids that are raising $9,000 for the Tyler Robinson Foundation all on their own.

On March 4, 2014, the first anniversary of Tyler Robinson’s passing, six inspirational sixth graders from Boulder, CO, single-handedly planned and carried out a professional community fundraiser event that rose over $6,000 for the Tyler Robinson Foundation in order to help a boy in their community, Cade Humphreys, who is fighting brain cancer. They are not finished with their mission, but are gaining some ground for the cancer community throughout Colorado.

The family-style event they started with included an address by Lt. Governor Joe Garcia, a world record breaking clapping game, and other fun and innovative activities that opened up the hearts and wallets of the Boulder community. Cade and his father participated in the event via Skype.

“When I told the Imagine Dragons about this story, they immediately wanted to meet these 11 and 12 year-olds who have accomplished something so phenomenal. Kids helping kids, it’s a beautiful thing” said Jesse Robinson, Director for the Tyler Robinson Foundation.

These lucky sixth graders have all been treated to free tickets to the Imagine Dragons concert and will have the dream opportunity to meet the band personally beforehand.

To date, $6,823 has been raised to benefit Cade Humphreys.