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Chef Tyson Wong Ophaso from Broken Rice shows us how to make Pho.


30 oz – Chicken Bone Broth

3 oz – Poached Chicken

1 oz – Fried Yams

2 oz – Curry Sauce

5 oz – Pho Noodles

1 oz – Onion/Cilantro Mix

1 cup – fry oil (preferred oil)

2 quarts – water

2 oz – Coconut curry sauce



Pour water into pot, and bring to a boil to cook the rice noodles.


Slice a yellow onion in half, then slice into 1/8 inch slices. Set aside.

Gather a bunch of green onions, slice into 1/8 inches. Set aside.

Gather a bunch of cilantro, finely chop. Set aside.

Mix green onion, yellow onion and cilantro to equal parts.


Take your poached chicken breast (poached in olive oil, lemon, star anise, coriander) – thinly slice. Measure out 3 oz, set aside.

Peel and quarter a yam. Slice quarters into 1/8inch “triangles.”

In a fry pan, heat oil,  quickly fry 1 oz of yam triangles until slightly brown. Remove yams and drain excess oil. Set aside.

Mix curry coconut curry sauce with bone broth. Bring to a simmer.


Add pho rice noodles to water. Cook about 15 seconds. Strain – place in bowl.


Pile chicken on top of noodles.


Distribute yams throughout bowl.


Ladle broth and curry mixture into bowl.


Top with onion/cilantro mixture and serve.