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Sarah Tuft from Wacky Apples cooks up some Apple Pancakes.


Wacky’s Applesauce Granola Pancakes*

~ Enjoy these healthy and hearty pancakes with your friends and family!

– 1 cup of your favorite organic pancake batter

– 1 cup cinnamon Wacky Apple Applesauce

– 1 Organic egg

– 2/3 cup organic milk

Mix all 4 ingredients together and spoon onto griddle. Once on griddle sprinkle your favorite granola and some diced apple into the batter as it cooks. Flip when ready. Cook both sides to perfection and enjoy!



*Wacky Apple Applesauce Parfait

-Try applesauce in place of yogurt for a delicious change to the norm!

-In a cup, layer your favorite granola, then your favorite Wacky Apple sauce, and top with some fresh fruit!

-Note: I like cinnamon granola with cinnamon applesauce! It tastes like apple pie!