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DENVER — Are you addicted to social media?

It may seem like an absurd question, but social media analyst Crystal Washington says its possible.

“You can be addicted to the internet. Social media is just a part of that,” Washington said. “We’ve seen cases where people get into an argument with a family member on social media and then shoot them.”

Washington said warning sings can include obsession with meeting people online.

“If you start to value online relationships more than in-person relationships…that’s an issue,” Washington said.

She added that you should be concerned about anyone who cannot take a break from social media.

“At least once a month, everybody should commit to unplugging for 1 day,” Washington said.

“Social media can get in the way of real-life from time to time,” Washington said. “There was a study where I think 22 percent of Americans said they missed a real-life event because they were too busy trying to document it on social media.”