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Do you sometimes forget where you left your car keys?  Maybe you’ve even forgotten to pick up the kids on time.

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Doctors say these are things that can happen to all of us as we age, but can also be warning signs. Dr. Donald Murphy of Senior Care of Colorado I.P.C  says a slight loss of short term memory can happen to all of us as our brains age.

“Most of us are going to have problems with recalling words, names people," Murphy said.

Dr. Murphy explains that our brains shrink as we age and neurons develop a slower connection speed. New research shows a healthy lifestyle that includes limited fat and plenty of exercise along with doing lots of puzzles and brain teasers can keep your brain healthy.

Alzheimer’s disease can develop after age 55. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, there are 72,000 people in Colorado living with Alzheimer's and 230,000 providing their care at home.

Someone develops the disease every 68 seconds.

Signs of Alzheimer’s and or Dementia  include poor judgment and decision making, not remembering the date or a season, not being able to retrace steps and other memory related lapses. If you need help or have questions contact the Alzheimer’s Helpline at  800.272.3900 or visit .

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