New Denver-based Cell Phone Company Promises $40/month – Is It Worth It?

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When it comes to cell phone service most of us gravitate to the big 4 providers: Verizon, Sprint, AT&T Wireless or T-Mobile.  There’s a new company trying to change that mindset.  They’re promising cheaper service.   A $40/month plan that gives you unlimited everything, including wireless hotspot for your computer.  The company is even based right here in Denver.   I took Visible for a test and sat down with the CEO to talk about this new simple concept.

There is no splashy headquarters.  In fact, they have about 50 employees working in the Tabor Center on the 16th street mall.  The company is hoping to change the way you think about cell phone service.

“Visible is a digital only wireless carrier.  What that means is that we offer for $40, unlimited data, voice, text and mobile hotspot on Verizon 4G LTE network,” explained the CEO of Visible, Miguel Quiroga.

He says that Visible is owned by Verizon but operates independently.  They also do not have any stores.  Everything is done online from ordering your phone to signing up for your plan.  He says the savings is passed on to customers.  He boasts simplicity as a key part of Visible.

“We think that our offering is something that will redefine the category and what mobile experience is,” said Quiroga.

The deal is pretty simple, $40 per month with no contract for unlimited calls, texting and data on Verizon’s network with wifi hotspot.  Sounds too good to be true?  What’s the catch?  The only thing that you should be warned about is a restriction on your data speeds.  Visible is capped at 5Mbps.  The average download speeds on the big 4 networks in Denver is 27.35Mbps according to RootMetrics.  So, Visible’s capped speeds are significantly slower than what you would get on a big 4 carrier.

Does that matter?  I tested Visible’s service out while browsing the web, watching videos online and streaming a movie on Netflix.  Honestly, everything worked great.  I would argue that most people could use the service and not even notice that the speeds are capped.  5Mbps is plenty of speed for almost anything you would do on a smartphone.  The only time you may notice it is when you’re using the hotspot feature on a laptop and trying to watch a full HD movie from the internet or downloading large files.

$40 per month is a huge savings over most standard unlimited cell phone plans.  The slower speeds are a small price to pay to save that much money with the flexibility to switch carriers whenever you wish.  You’re not stuck in a contract so if you don’t like it, no problem, you can always switch.

I love the idea and I love that they’re headquartered right here in Denver.  Quiroga says he loves Denver and is glad they picked the mile high city for their office.

“We looked at a lot of markets and beyond the obvious, great quality of life, it’s a tech hub and innovation hub and we think it’s a great opportunity to be on the ground floor of that.

Visible will work with many phones from other carriers and they also sell phones to customers who don’t have one or want to upgrade.  Find out more on Visible’s website.


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