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Every once a while a new gadget comes along that makes me say, “No way, that’s sounds too good to be true.”  The Wyze HD home security camera is one of those products!  In a world where HD home security cameras cost $100 or more and require monthly subscription fees to save clips to the cloud, a $20 camera with no fees seems impossible.  I put the Wyze to the test.

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The WyzeCam looks like a cube!  The grey part on the bottom is the foot and the camera can extend out from the bottom.  It has a magnet built into the base so it attach to metal objects easily.  There's also a metal ring in the box that you can stick to any wall for easy installation of the Wyze.

On the underside of the camera is a microSD slot and a setup button.  On the front is the 1080p camera, a microphone, IR lights and other sensors.  That's about it.  The WyzeCam is pretty simple... as it should be.


Setting the camera up takes just a few minutes.  Once you press the setup button the camera it will actually speak instructions out loud.  The Android or iPhone app will walk you through the process of connecting the camera to your home Wi-Fi.  I had 2 cameras connected and working within about 5 minutes.

Using the cam

From there, the app is pretty self explanatory.  You can view the camera live, setup motion notifications and use the 2-way feature to talk via the camera's speaker to the people in your home.  It works just as most of the other cameras out there work.  In fact, I was impressed with out easy the setup was and how easy the app was.

Features, features and more features

The cool thing is that the Wyze has some pretty unique features that you won't find on other cameras.  It can detect the sound of a smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector going off and send you an alert on your smartphone!  I also really like that it has a memory card slot so you can store videos and pictures to local storage.  You can even use that memory card to record time lapse videos!  How cool is that?

Head in the clouds?

Cloud storage is an important part of any home security camera.  It takes those motion detection clips and saves them to a server on the internet.  This allows you to quickly view any motion and save those clips.  Problem is, most companies charge you a fee for cloud storage.  It's often $5/month or more.  The Wyze has 2 weeks of storage included!  This is a rolling 2 weeks so any clip will be automatically deleted from the cloud if you don't save it within 2 weeks.  Perfect!  If you want storage longer than 2 weeks, you can just buy a memory card.  Bottom line, I hate paying big money for a gadget and then having to pay a monthly fee to use it properly!  I love that the Wyze removed that pain point.

Things I'd change or fix

Some of the videos I recorded had the audio out of sync with the video.  I'm hopeful this will be fixed with a firmware upgrade.  I'd also LOVE if they made an outdoor version of the WyzeCam.  This one is only rated for indoor use.

Overall, worth it?

Here's the deal... is it the highest quality home security camera?  No!  Is the slickest looking camera?  No!  Is the app the most stable app out there? No!  But it's all pretty good.  Impressively good in my opinion.  This camera feels and works as well as many higher priced models.  It's $20!  You could by 5 of these things for you home for $100.  Frankly, I'm blown away and what you get for $20.  It's a great gift option for someone else or for yourself and is a great affordable way to add home security cameras to your home without breaking the bank.

You can buy WyzeCam directly from Wyze on their website.  HEADS UP - Ordering through Amazon will cost you an extra $10 per camera.


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