Tech Junkie Review: Roidmi X20 NEX 2 in 1 Cordless Vacuum with Mop

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A cordless stick vacuum that promises to be a mop too!  Roidmi is a company that isn’t exactly a household name but they’re trying to get head to head with the likes of Dyson.  It almost sounds too good to be true! So, I put the Roidmi X20 NEX to the test.

The Hardware

The first thing you’ll notice when you pick-up the NEX is how light it is!  For a vac that promises big power I didn’t expect it to be so light.  Much like it’s competitor from companies like Dyson and Shark, the NEX has a vacuum near the handle and a spinning brush head that help direct that dirt.  A button on the handle powers up the vac while a second button switches between 3 different power modes.  The lowest setting is the most power friendly but might not be enough for even a mild vacuuming job.  I found myself using the middle suction setting the most when cleaning around my home.

What makes the NEX different than most is the additional mop attachment.  It uses magnets and sticks to the motor head.  There is a cloth pad that attaches with velcro and a small hole to add water to the mop attachment.  While I do like the additional ability to mop a hard floor while vacuuming keep in mind that it only works with straight water.  You can’t add cleaner to the reservoir.  If you’re looking for a deep clean you’ll likely still need to break out the old school mop and bucket.  I would compare the NEX’s mopping abilities to a Swiffer.

How does it work?

As a vacuum, it works great!  I was surprised how strong the suction is on the NEX especially for such a light vacuum.  The company says it packs a 110,000 RPM motor inside the handle.  With Dyson stick vacs claiming 120,000 RPM the Roidmi is not that far behind.  The dirt cup is big enough that I didn’t find myself having to empty it more than I would expect.  As I mentioned earlier I found the lightest suction mode to be a bit on the weak side and usually used the medium suction setting.  Overall, it’s a solid stick vac that I would easily put head to head with my family’s Dyson stick vacuum.

As a mop?

As a mop, I’d say it’s OK.  Yes, it helps get some of that dirt and dust off your floor that wouldn’t come up with just a vacuum alone but it’s a long way from a full mopping job.  You can’t add anything except water to the mop so there is no actual cleaning agent.  Perhaps you could get away with a spray and mop solution sprayed on the floor but that’s not what this is designed for.  For anyone who just wants to do a quick wet mop on the floor from time to time, this is perfect.  If you’re looking for a deep clean you’ll need to get out the bucket.

What’s so smart about NEX?

What makes the NEX so techie is that it’s a true smart vac!  It has bluetooth and connects to the Roidmi app.  With that app you can change the power of the vacuum while you’re cleaning.  In my testing I didn’t see a use for this since it’s much easier to simply press the button on the handle to change the power setting.  What I do like about the app is the ability to track when it’s time to replace the filter on the vacuum, update the software in the vacuum and check out the current condition of the built-in battery.  In the end, you don’t need the app to use the vacuum but it is a fun touch that some techies will like.


Slick, sleek and as powerful as almost any other stick vacuum on the market.  The Roidmi NEX is impressive from a company that many of us have never head of before.  I really like the NEX.  At $500 it’s not cheap.  You can buy it from Amazon.  Unless you really need that mop attachment I’d go for the more affordable options (also available on Amazon) that offer the vacuum options sans mopping.  Either way, I think you’ll be surprised at how much these vacs from Roidmi suck!

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