Tech Junkie Review: Ember Mug Heats Your Drink From Your Phone

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I LOVE a hot cup of coffee.  Problem is, I have a busy job in the morning.  On the weekends, my 3 kids keep me pretty busy too.  So I often spend a lot of time heating my coffee back up.  Ember promises to fix that problem!  It’s a smart mug that can keep your coffee warm and talk to your phone via bluetooth.  I had to take this thing for a test.

The Mug

The mug itself is pretty unassuming.  In fact, most people would have no idea there’s anything unique about it unless you tell them.  It looks like a black ceramic coffee mug.  This mug has a battery, Bluetooth and a heating element built into the bottom of it.  It also comes with a black saucer that plugs into the wall and recharges the mug when it’s placed in the center.

I love how “normal” the mug looks.  They could have easily made this thing look techy but I’m glad they didn’t.  It definitely passes the “wife test” for keeping this thing in our kitchen.   The battery will last for an hour before it needs to be charged back up and the mug holds about 10 ounces of coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

There’s An App For That

Yup, there’s an app to control the Ember mug.  Installing the app on my phone and connecting it via Bluetooth took a matter of minutes.  Once connected you can see what the current temperature is and adjust it all the way up to 145 degrees.  In my testing, the mug took about 5 minutes to raise the coffee from 120 degrees to 130 degrees.  It did a great job at keeping the temperature once the coffee was hot.  Don’t want to use an app for your mug?  No problem.  Once you set your favorite temperature the Ember mug will remember that every time you use it.  You’ll only need the app to change your favorite temp, change the color of the LED on the bottom of the mug or push updates to your Ember mug.  (Yup, there are software updates for your coffee mug… who would have thought?)


I really like the Ember mug.  While testing in my home, my wife loved the mug too!!  It gets 4 out of 5 geeks from me!  I knocked off a geek because the 1-hour battery life might not be enough for some and because the 10 ounces capacity is a little on the low side .  These are not deal breakers but something you should know before you buy it.

The Ember mug is a reasonable $80 considering all of the tech that is inside of this thing.  You can buy it directly from Ember’s website.

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