Study: Who lies more, men or women?

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According to Men's Health magazine, men lie more than women.

According to Men’s Health magazine, men lie more than women.

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A men’s magazine has stepped in the middle of an age-old debate. And let’s just say a few of its readers might be disappointed in the the contribution the publication just made to the argument.

Who lies more, men or women?

According to a study released in a recent issue of Men’s Health Magazine, it’s men — by a 3 to 2 margin.

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Before you go proclaiming this as truth, the study isn’t without potential flaws. For starters, the magazine only surveyed men — 1,000 of them to be exact. When it came to determining how much each sex lies, the magazine asked each man to report how many times he actually lied and how many times a woman admitted to him that she was lying.

The magazine included an asterisk next to the number of lies the average female tells per year that read “though she may be lying” about lying.

The survey included situations most likely to promote lying (first dates) and the individual who gets lied to most often (bosses).

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