Spring Super Foods

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Fresh fruits and veggies provide variety of vitamins and minerals and are fun to grill outside or try raw when fresh from the market.

Choosing fruit and veggies that are in season improves the quality and freshness of the produce providing you with a better product. If you don’t like a fruit or vegetable try it in season or from a farmer’s market it may surprise you on the difference in taste and texture.

Radishes- radish, jicama, carrot, red onion slaw with lime vinaigrette; dip radishes in Greek yogurt fat free with a ranch seasoning packet for a healthy alternative dip

Arugula- use with fresh fruits such as strawberries or apricots to mellow the peppery taste of the arugula

Artichoke- drizzle roasted garlic or spicy chili olive oil over artichoke before consuming to reduce amount of fat (no butter dipping)

Asparagus- cut raw asparagus tips and use to top a pasta salad or spring green salad; par-boil asparagus (cut bottom stems at angle) and use them as skewers for favorite spring time vegetables and place on grill with a southwest spice rub.

Spinach- add spinach to your favorite sandwich or salad or pizza; use sautéed spinach in mac and cheese or lasagna

Lettuce- explore lettuce there are so many out there from escarole to watercress. Farmers markets or your own backyard garden are a great place to find exciting new lettuce from sweet butter lettuce to bitter note of dandelion greens. Try lettuce in your smoothie for more vitamins and minerals.

Cherries- great snack idea with plain yogurt; make your own dried cherries by dehydrating them in the oven at a low setting 175-200 degrees for 2-4 hours for a great addition to trail mix

Kiwis- great to add to water for a refreshing beverage; use on a fruit pizza with a whole wheat crust yogurt sauce and mixed berries.

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