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So many of us rely on our smartphones as our alarm clocks.  Heck, many people did away with their classic alarm clock years ago.  Beddi wants to bring back the classic alarm clock look with a high-tech twist.

20161014_071247The Beddi looks like a traditional alarm clock.  It's anything but!  It has a speaker on the front, a few buttons on the top, USB plugs on the back along with a white light.  There is a slot on the top that is designed to support your smartphone.

The Beddi magic happens when you connect the Beddi app via bluetooth to the clock.  The app works on both iPhone and Android.  It syncs the clock to your phone.  You will never have to "set" the clock on the Beddi, it pulls that from your phone.  It also syncs other settings and your alarms from the App.

20161014_071258On the bottom of the Beddi there is a mood light that can change color based on your selection.  You can have it cycle through all of the colors or fade in and out of one color.  The light on the back can be used as a nightlight or as a light to help you wake up in the morning.  Think about how much more relaxing it would be to wake up to a light instead of the blaring alarm?

There are 3 buttons on top that can be programmed with various alarm clock functions as well as smart home tasks.  If you use certain smart lightbulbs, the buttons can be programmed to turn your lights off or on.  It can also control a Nest thermostat or call you an Uber!  I really like the possibilities here.  It works with IFTTT so you can program these buttons to do almost anything.  Want to send an e-mail to your boss if you're running late, just press a button!  Want to turn up the heat, turn on the hallway light and start the coffee with one button?  Done!

The Beddi is a super cool concept and I think they nailed most of the features.  The hardware is very cool.  I especially love how simple it looks.

I do think the app needs a little bit of work.  Most of the settings are easy to find and set but I found a few things that were more complicated than necessary.  Once you get the hang of it, it's not that bad but in my opinion it could be simplified a bit.  I also would (selfishly because I own a Galaxy S7) love to see wireless charging built-in. The less cables, the better!

Overall, the Beddi is perfect for anyone who uses their smartphone as an alarm clock but misses having an ACTUAL alarm clock on their nightstand.  The extra "smart" features make it more than a 1 trick pony.  For $99, Beddi is priced right and a perfect addition to any smart home.



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