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Charlotte Reed shows us some Must Have New Pet Products.

Pet protect your dog
Pet parents are concerned more than ever about vector- borne disease like Lyme Disease, West Nile and others. The Insect Shield® for Pets collection (including blankets, reversible beds, exercise pens, cots, cargo seat covers, premium tees, lightweight hoodies, safety vests, bandanas, and neck gaiters) repels
mosquitoes, ticks, flies and fleas. All items are built-in, EPAregistered, Insect Shield® bug protection. The protection is effective, odorless and long-lasting. $9.99 +!
Keep parasites away from cat Cat parents can keep mosquitoes (and their blood-borne diseases like Heartworm away but they want to do it –naturally. It is
important to note that many people/yard products once permethrins on cats but not Vet’s Best new Mosquito Repellent. The great smelling, easy-to-spray repellent uses plant-based lemongrass and geraniol oils – absolutely not toxic– to keep mosquitoes away from cats and their people. The MOSQUITO
repellent joins Vet’s Best line of ALL natural flea and tick products, including easy to use wipes and a home spray to remove pests in the house; all these products can be found at Petco, local pet stores and online at
Pouf me Washing your dog at home or when you travel can be messy chore. Absorbine has created a one handed solution to make grooming your dog a much easiertask. The ShowSheen® Woof Pouf™ contains soap beads that help eliminate even the toughest odors – including skunk smell. The soap beads
in the UltraShield® Woof Pouf™ are made from natural herbal extracts known to repel fleas, ticks, and flies. Both provide a rich lather bath after bath, lasting for 15 or more washes. About $10.00.

Be your dog’s fitness trainer
American pets are as overweight as American humans. According to the Association for Pet Obesity and Prevention, an estimated 52.7% of US dogs are overweight or obese. An estimated 57.9% of US cats are overweight or obese. FitPAWS USA is the leader in the canine fitness and rehabilitation area.
Their canine stretching kit is a good work-out but also a bonding activity that pet and pet owner can do together. $29.50
Tech my pet
New Glow in the Dark collars and leashes provide nighttime visibility. These colorful collars and leashes are truly glow in the dark, and feature high-visibility patterns that can be seen from distances up to six feet. To activate the GID technology, expose the collar/leash to a bright light like a cell phone for 5-10
minutes to charge before going out and about, no batteries needed! With two new collections, rubber and core, you can mix and match your collars and leashes for the ultimate extended time outside with your pet. $5.99+

Move my cat
Your feline friend will engage in a game of cat-and-mouse with this Petlinks Mystery Motion Concealed-Mouse Motion Cat Toy. The toy replicates the movement of hidden prey to entice your cat and encourage play. The thrill of the hunt for the concealed mouse excites your cat and encourages healthy
activity. The toy is programmable for 4 different settings with the push of a button. About $32.00!
Roaming runners are electronic motion toys with jittery movements that entice your cat to stalk and chase. Fiberfill is made with 100% recycled plastic. About $10.00!
Feline Foodie Evanger’s, a family owned pet food Company offers cat owners all natural diets for their beloved animals. The Company sources all of their ingredients locally, within a fifty (50) mile radius of the Chicago area. Evanger’s offer diets for all cats - traditional (chicken, beef, fish). The Company also offers the newest trend of making food with exotic proteins (quail, rabbit, duck and pheasant) for your discriminating, foodie feline, too! Lastly, the Company has never had a pet food recall. About $3.00
Snack revolution:
Loving Pets is recreating the snack revolution for pets by new, healthy and tasty snack choices for pets and at affordable prices for their people. All products are made in and sourced with ingredients from the USA. $7.99 +

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