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DENVER — The commercial claims it can remove paint and permanent marker with ease.

It looks easy!  Spray Insta Lift on the surface and wipe with it with a rag.

Anyone with kids knows that paint, marker and other messes are all too common so we put it to the test.

The same day we were planning to test Insta Lift, we heard that over 150 cars had been spray painted in Arvada.  We decided this would be the perfect test.

We found a few car owners who were willing to help us test Insta Lift.

We tried a regular household cleaner and the paint did not budget.

When we sprayed on Insta Lift it removed the paint within seconds.  Some spots inside small cracks needed a little extra effort but it still came off with ease.

I also used three permanent markers to draw on a standard counter top.  I tested two household cleaners along with Insta Lift.

The other two cleaners removed two of the markers but couldn’t did not remove the Sharpie.

Insta Lift, on the other hand, wiped the Sharpie line right off the counter.

For about $10 Insta Lift proved, in our tests, to be an effective cleaner for permanent markers and spray paint.

You’ll want to beware of painted surfaces like wood and drywall because in some of our tests it started to remove some of the actual wall paint too.

I would suggest testing it in a small area before spraying the entire problem area.

Overall, it clearly works and could be a huge help for anyone trying to remove stubborn marker or paint.  Insta Lift is available at many local stores or online through the Insta Lift website.

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