How to safely deep fry a turkey

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Andy Carlson from Ace Hardware shows us how.

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Frying is a fast, fun and flavorful way to prepare your Thanksgiving turkey. Contrary to popular belief, frying quickly seals-in flavor and juices and seals-out the oil so your turkey will be moist and flavorful without being oily. Ace recommends brining your turkey for 8-12 hours, and using your favorite dry rub on the skin and inside the cavities of the turkey*.


  1. Make sure your turkey is completely thawed and dried. Placing a turkey in hot oil with ice or excess water will cause the hot oil to splatter dangerously.
  2. Always fry your turkey outside at least 10 feet from any structure, overhang or combustible materials. Never fry a turkey on wooden surfaces such as a deck.
  3. Spread Oil-Dri or cat litter liberally on the ground below your fryer to soak up any oil that may get on your sidewalk or driveway.
  4. Ace recommends peanut oil for frying a turkey. Never overfill the pot with oil. Respect the maximum fill line marked on the pot.
  5. Keep children and pets away from your fryer during operation.
  6. Bring the oil to a temperature of 350° Never allow oil to get above 400° F (caution, oil will ignite at 550° F). Never leave your fryer unattended.
  7. Wear safety goggles and protective gloves during frying. Cover any exposed skin to protect yourself from any oil splattering.
  8. Lower your turkey very slowly into the hot oil. Never drop your turkey into the oil. Don’t bend over the pot and avoid any hot steam that will rise as the turkey is lowered into the pot.
  9. Maintain the oil temperature as close to 350° F as you can using a thermometer continuously during frying. Fry your turkey for 3 minutes per pound and add 5 minutes extra at the end. The turkey may float before cooking is complete.
  10. When frying is complete, slowly raise the turkey from the oil allowing it to drain of oil as you raise it.


*For more great grilling tips from your friends at Ace Hardware, visit



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