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It’s the time of year for Spring cleaning, and with a little extra effort, your purge can put some extra cash in your wallet!  We asked Coupon Sherpa’s expert, Kendal Perez, how to do it.  Her first advice: sell clothing you or your family no longer need.

“If you have designer clothes, it’s best to sell those on Ebay or an online consignment store, like “The Real Real” because they can value things a little better, which means you get more bang for your buck,” Perez said.

Many brick and mortar consignment stores will pay two to five dollars per clothing item for gently used items.  Sites like allow you to consign without leaving your house or even paying for shipping.   You just fill a bag and leave it on your doorstep.

Electronic devices can also be a boon.  Just make sure you get various bids and compare. gives you an instant bid, while Walmart, Best Buy, and Target will exchange a gift card for your device.

“For example, for an iPhone 5, Walmart would give me about $70 if it’s in good condition, but Best Buy would give me over a hundred dollars,” Perez said.

There’s a new option with several Colorado locations.  It’s called EcoATM, and it’s owned by Outerwall,  the parent company of Redobx and Coinstar.  There are three locations in Denver.  You just insert your iPhone or tablet, let the machine evaluate it, and get the cash instantly.

A third Summer cash option: check your wallet for gift cards.  You can change 70 to 90 percent of the face value into cash.

“Websites like will show you all the bids from reputable gift card resellers,” Perez said.  “You can get cash back online.”

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