Don’t Forget your Pets this Holiday Season

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Charlotte Reed, the host of The Pet Buzz always has something fun and unique for our four legged friends. Today she wants us to remember them during the holiday season.

Treat Yourself & Your Cat

For anyone who has a cat that likes to drink from a faucet, then this is the ideal gift for Felix. The AquaPurr provides the gift of cool, freshwater anytime your cat desires it. All you have to do is easily attach it to the sink and not worry because the sink will still work. But, the best part, is that The AquaPurr is the only fountain you never clean. All other fountains simply recirculate the same old water which quickly fouls and must be cleaned weekly. And, you are gonna love that there is no need to buy expensive filters because the AquaPurr doesn't recirculate the water. Choose from multiple designs. This is a holiday gift that saves you money. $129.00 on


Dress for the Season

Exceptional holiday apparel from UpCountryInc. is functional and fashionable. The Orange Field Jacket was voted one of the best pet products of 2019 not only because of its country style but the ability to keep your pet warm, be seen at night with reflective details, ability to use on top of a harness and is machine washable. And don’t forget about sweaters. These individual hand-knitted sweaters are cozy and can be layered under coats. Best part: the yarn is 100% acrylic with a soft wool-like feel and machine washable with like colors. Lastly, made in the USA, leashes, collars, and harnesses are festive and super strong with brass hardware and are fray and stain-resistant. From $18 and up at


Healthy seasonal snacking

Cranberries have been a part of holiday celebrations for hundreds of years. Feed your dog like you feed yourself with seasonal fruits like cranberries. Totally Grainless Sausage Bites’ Chicken & Cranberry Recipe is made in the USA, grain-free, gluten-free, wheat free and corn free. Cranberries can provide your dog with vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. As a soft, small chew treat, they are perfect for adult and senior dogs of any size. Reasonably priced at $5.99


Cold weather grooming

When it's cold and dry, the area’s climate can really affect your pet causing itchy, dry skin. Cold weather and its after-effects like dirty snow can exacerbate some existing skin conditions or even cause new ones. ZYMOX® (pronounced like z-eye-mocks) Shampoo and Leave On Conditioner provides soothing relief for itchy, irritated skin. It blends a concentrated combination of protein, enzymes and Vitamin D3 to be safe and gentle on all pets of all ages. ZYMOX® Shampoo uses mild, non-drying ingredients that are soothing to the skin; it is pH-balanced, tear-free and paraben-free, and features a pleasant fragrance. About $13.99 and available through your veterinarian, pet specialty store and online. About $13.990


Sniff out the best stocking stuffers

Winter is tough on a dog. Warm air from indoor heating can dry out a dog's nose, as well as the cold air and winds of winter can also cause a dry nose. Additionally, during the wintertime, your dog’s paws can take a beating with all the snow, ice, salt on the sidewalk, and overall cold weather. It’s important to protect their paw pads as they don’t have protection like we do when we wear shoes. For pet relief, CBD Living’s Dog Nose and Paw Salve provides a calming form of hydration and moisture to your pet’s dry, irritated and cracked skin. The unique blend of natural oils rich in antioxidants, Broad Spectrum CBD, Omega-3s Fatty Acids and Neem Oil are provided through an Advanced Skin Penetration Enhancement System, which allows moisturizing properties to stay on the surface of the skin while nutrients are quickly absorbed and provides support from within. $30 at


 Holiday food feast

The holidays are a time of celebrating with loved ones and being with family, a season that includes our beloved pets. With a variety of USA sourced premium nutrition for dogs and cats, Evanger's offers award-winning, healthy and delicious options for your pet's holiday feast such as: Evanger's USA Duck and Sweet Potato Dinner which is slow-cooked in the Company’s own kitchens. This delectable USA duck and farm-sourced sweet potatoes dinner combine to make a gourmet meal that tastes great and offers a single source protein alternative to traditional chicken and beef plus fiber to promote digestibility. You also have the option of adding a vegetarian side dish. And discerning cats can enjoy the holidays' fantastic meals, Evanger’s makes the meals too but specially formulated for our feline friends. About $3.99 a can. Browse


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