Boulder-based Sphero reveals new mini Robotic Sphero Ball

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Honey I shrunk the robot ball!  Sphero revealing their newest Sphero that is essentially tiny Sphero.  The Sphero mini gives you all the fun of the full-sized robot ball with about half the size.

The ball itself looks like any other Sphero but the biggest difference is that you can crack it up, like an egg.  In fact you have to because that’s how you charge it.  Open the shell and you’ll see the guys of the Sphero.  The micro-USB port is your quick and easy way to juice up the robot.

Once it’s charged, snap the shell back on and you’re ready to roll… literally.  There is a new Sphero mini app but the basic controls are what you’re used to if you’ve used a Sphero before.  Adjust the light to face you with the on-screen controls and then use the on-screen joystick to drive the robot across the floor.  It’s as simple as a fun robotic ball should be!

The Sphero mini zips just like its’ older brother.  Sphero claims you can get 45 minutes of driving on a single charge which is downright impressive!  We got similar results in our initial testing but time will tell how this battery holds up after dozens of charges.

Sphero included mini bowling pins in the box for some bowling fun!  Nice touch guys.  You can also use the Sphero ball as a controller for 3 games in the Sphero app.  It wasn’t perfect but still a fun way to play some simple smartphone games.

If I had any concerns about the new Sphero mini it would be the shell.  It feels like a plastic egg that you hide candy inside on Easter.  I’m worried it could crack or lose it’s “click together”ness after a few months of use.  I’m hopeful the fine folks at Sphero made sure it could withstand the rigors of time and kids but we’ll have to see how that pans out.

I love the Sphero mini for a lot of reasons but the most important reason is the price!  Finally kids (and us oldies) can get a Sphero for only $50!  The full-sized Sphero usually retails for $100.  I think it’s worth it but I could see it being a hard purchase for many people to justify.  At $50 it’s closer to an impulse buy.  It’s a perfect gift for any kid!

You can buy the Sphero mini on Sphero’s website and at Amazon.

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