5 things that will cost you more in 2015

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With the new year comes new deals and, unfortunately, new price hikes. While you can find big savings on winter apparel and home goods right now, there are several items that will cost us more in 2015. Kendal Perez Savings Expert with CouponSherpa.com explains.

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Olive Oil

  • Unfavorable growing conditions and the proliferation of olive flies and moths in Spain and Italy will reduce olive-oil production by 27% this year.
  • Consumers can expect to see price increases, especially on extra virgin olive oil, between February and April when the latest harvest’s oils hit the market.
  • The exact amount of the increase is not yet known, though wholesale costs have already increased nearly 20% from last year.


Redbox Rentals

  • Video game rentals increased from $2 to $3 earlier this month.
  • In December, Redbox increased DVD rentals to $1.50 per day, while Blu-Ray discs will cost $2 per day.



  • 95 percent of domestic avocados are grown in California, and persistent drought is driving down supply in the face of increased demand.
  • The U.S. also imports avocados from Mexico, but the cartel responsible for the Great Lime Shortage of 2014 is also controlling the avocado industry in Michoacán, a state where 72 percent of all Mexican avocados are produced.



  • Both FedEx and UPS are implementing dimensional weight pricing in 2015.
  • That means the price of a package will be calculated based on the amount of space it takes up in relation to its weight.
  • The rate increase is 4.9% for most shipping services from each carrier.



  • California is the leading importer of eggs and is now requiring farmers to allow hens more wing space.
  • That means producers in states like Iowa and Ohio must reduce the number of hens per cage or redesign pens to create more space.
  • The increased cost will be passed onto the consumer and will affect all markets.

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